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Readers Respond: Your Thoughts About Joseph

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What do you think about Joseph Smith? Do you believe he was a prophet of God? Why? How do you know? If you don't, but would like to share your thoughts about Joseph Smith, please do so in a respectable/appropriate manner. Thank you!

Restoration of the gospel

I believe with all of my being that this is the Lord's work and Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. For all those who do not yet know please watch "the prophet of restoration". God is unchanging and what He says to one nation He will say to another. Let he who is without knowledge ask of God and it shall be revealed to thee.

He Was a Great Prophet

I revere him greatly for his visions and his prophecies.
—Guest D

Testimony of Joseph Smith in Spanish

Sé que José Smith fue el profeta de la restauración, que recibio el mandato divino de restaurar la Iglesia de Jesucirsto por esta ultima vez con todas las llaves del sacerdocio necesario para la salvación del género humano.
—Guest Clara Romero

I Know Joe

In 1991 after my 50th birthday I joined the LDS church. I had begun to learn about GOD, after many years playing in Satan's garden, learning the ways of man. In 1992 I attended the Sydney Australia Temple completing works for my deceased kin. In 1993 I returned to complete more work on their behalf. At one point I was sitting in a building opposite a painting of Joseph Smith musing about the man. I said in an audible voice, "I know you," he responded in words to my mind, "I know you too". I was engulfed in warmth and feelings of kinship. I was convinced I knew this man. Nothing has changed in the last 20 years, there has been plenty of recognition. For those who do not know, I ask, Who was Moses? Was he not a youth chosen by GOD to do his work when he became a man? Were there not materials provided to convey the word and knowledge of GOD to man, by a man? The similarities continue to work for me. I know Joe, I have read some about his sins and weaknesses, just a man, but chosen!
—Guest William Daly

Is he a Prophet of God ?

Yes, I believe Joseph was and is a true prophet. Our Father in Heaven and his Son Jesus Christ lives and also the Holy Ghost. We will see and meet them in their time. As God the Father is my witness! I believe !!!
—Guest Ed Jones


I am a young member but have been a member my entire life. I stumbled across this site looking for talk topics. I just want to say that I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I just know that he is a prophet. I sometimes don't understand some things but I know Joseph Smith was a prophet.
—Guest Carson Parry

Joseph was a prophet

Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God. Compare to other Founders or Leaders of different churches that exist on this earth, everyone of them claims that they're teaching what they call the full Gospel of Christ that is in the Bible. They showing some verses in the Bible that will fit for themselves as their proof to be the true prophets and preachers send by God unto people ect., etc. One question I want to ask to those who claimed to be chosen leader/prophet of the true church; how did you get your Divine Appointment? that even yourself will believe that you are chosen by God?... Is God a changing God? Of course not! If we only read and study carefully the Bible, we will know the way God chose His servant, in Old and New Testament.. As Latter-day Saints, we do have testimony about Prophet Joseph Smith, that he was truly a prophet chosen by God to restore the church in this dispensation, that testimony lead us to believe his Teachings and all Revelations of God given to him.
—Guest Michael Bernardo Dela Cruz

Proud Mormon convert

I know because after reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible side by side before I joined the church. The Holy Ghost revealed to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God as was Isiah or Jeremiah or Paul or any other of the Apostles.
—Guest audrey m giebeig

Do Mormons Worship Joseph Smith?

The short answer to this question is 'NO!' . The long answer to this question is 'NO! they DO NOT worship Joseph Smith!' The first time I read that we did was when reading Thelma 'Lying Granny' Geer, an ex-Mormon who sang hymns of praise to Joseph Smith. When I was her age I could tell the difference between singing 'we thank thee, O God, for a prophet,' 'Praise to the MAN who communed with Jehovah' and other hymns that mention how Almighty God who is the subject of Mormon worship is thanked for sending prophets to lead us to Him through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Liars are not heaven-bound no matter how often they claim to be born again. Ronnie URL: http://yorkshiretales.com/allaboutmormonism
—Guest Ronnie Bray

Joesph Smith

Mormons do not worship Joesph Smith but he is regarded as the FIRST president, profit and revelator of the LDS. If you ask any true Mormon who the head of their church is they will tell you JESUS CHRIST. As for Joesph Smith translating the Book of Mormon. I leave you with this, he only had a 3rd grade education and for back then wasn't much. He had no books on the subject of the middle east except for the Bible and if you can hardly read you know that was a FEAT. NO INTERNET. The Book of Mormon describes Tribes, wars, time periods, money, and faith. IT IS NOT THE MORMON BIBLE there is no such thing, it is a companion to the BIBLE. The BIBLE covers the Middle east and the Book of Mormon covers the AMERICAS, in the Bible Jesus tells his the 12 I must leave for there are other sheep I must attend too (not exact wording) what do you think he meant by that? Has anyone really thought about it. In the bible it says in the LATTER DAYS there are two sticks.
—Guest sn71

Why would God deny us a prophet?

I am a convert of 50 years. Never have I, in those 50 years, heard anyone indicate in any way that we should worship Joseph Smith - revere him, yes, but not worship. We worship God, the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. God loved long-ago people so he sent prophets to teach about His gospel. He loves us just as much. Why would he not send prophets to help us??

Joseph Smith

I, personally, do not "worship" Joseph Smith. I revere him. I am loyal to him. I believe that he was and is a Prophet of God. I worship Jesus Christ, my redeemer, and Heavenly Father.
—Guest dryforkcreek

Testimony of Joseph Smith

I immediately thought of a remark S.W Kimball made regarding the desire of some women (Non Catholic) wearing a necklace of Christ on a cross. He said, "We do not worship the dead Christ, we worship the living Christ." I love that Joseph Smith restored the gospel to us today, that he translated the Book of Mormon, but I do not 'worship' him nor are we taught to do so; I love, admire, respect him beyond measure and hope to one day meet him. I KNOW that his experience was real and true. I have received a witness of this, and therefore cannot deny it.
—Guest Nisey

Joseph Smith the Prophet

I know Joseph Smith Jun. was a true Prophet of God, I am not a member of the LDS Church, but I read and believe the Book of Mormon.
—Guest Robert Robinson

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