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Mormons Are Christians!


LDS Members are often perplexed at why people do not think Mormons are Christians. Confusion can usually be cleared up by examining how others define the term and how we define the term. Mormons do believe in Jesus Christ. This is His church. We are saved by His grace. Theological differences do exist with other Christian religions and they will continue to exist. However, we can all respect other beliefs and denominations.

More on LDS Christianity and LDS Beliefs
Latter-day Saints Spotlight10

Are You Hastening or Hindering the Work?

Members hinder the Lord's work when they do not embrace authorized changes from inspired leaders or make unauthorized changes to the work themselves.

A Checklist for Modern Pioneers

Identifying the principles and practices of early Mormon pioneers help us to apply them to our modern day challenges and become modern pioneers.

This Game of Life Has Rules

This earth life has a purpose and it has rules that bind us. We discover these rules by studying scriptures and following inspired prophets.

7 Astonishing Mormon Converts

Some people become famous after joining the LDS (Mormon) faith. A small number become LDS after becoming famous. These are some of their stories.

Should Drones Be Flown Over Temples?

Drones flown over LDS (Mormon) temples could conceivably capture images never seen before, but photographers should seek Church permission first.

Tough Questions to Ask Yourself About Service

Carefully consider these questions as you serve others. It will help you to tailor your service to their true needs without wasting time or resources.

Discover God's Divine Laws of Health

Heavenly Father has revealed principles for healthy living. Known as the Word of Wisdom, it specifies prohibited and recommended foods and practices.

What to do When Your Faith Falters

If you are in a spiritual rut and cannot feel spiritual things, you need to take some basic steps to regain your spirituality and maintain it.

Founding Fathers Temple Work Complete

The founding fathers of America appeared to LDS President Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple requesting their temple work be done for them.

To Serve is to Be Like Jesus

We are commanded to serve others. When we do so, we are the most Christlike because Jesus spent His life serving others.

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