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Mormons Value Scripture

We accept the Bible (Old and New Testament), the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine & Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price as scripture. These books are compiled and correlated into an LDS edition with footnotes, references and other study helps to make gospel learning more rewarding.

Turn Trickle Into Flood!


Elder David A. Bednar's address on August 19, 2014 marks a significant event in modern church history. He instructed all members to embrace and use social media. View the address on the Church's website or on YouTube. Access the text and other links. Review the changes in Handbook 2 and the guidelines to help implement them. Learn to share the goodness as Elder Bednar counseled and learn more about the Church's social media resources and tips. Visit the website and view the trailer for the new film Meet the Mormons to be released on October 10, 2014. All proceeds from the film will be donated to the American Red Cross!

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Latter-day Saints Spotlight10

Recognize Religious Bullying

Termed unrighteous dominion in Mormon parlance, bullying at church and through church positions or member activity is unrighteousness and must stop.

The Ins and Outs of Demonic Possession

Satan and the evil spirits who follow him can possess people. They can be expelled by Melchizedek priesthood holders using their power and authority.

The Mormon Take on Ghosts and Hauntings

Mormons know that ghosts and hauntings are caused by evil spirits under Satan's control. They can be expelled by a Melchizedek priesthood holder.

Put Youth to Use as Digital Stripling Warriors!

LDS adults are reluctant technology users. We need to use youth as a digital army in order to fully utilize the LDS.org tools for stakes and wards.

How to Use the Terms Mormon and LDS Correctly

Learn the Church's official name and why nicknames like Mormon and LDS are used to refer to the Church and this religious movement.

Mormons Have No Worries About Leadership Succession

Leadership succession in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) is now a well defined, automatic, divinely established process.

LDS Prophets and Dementia: Should I Be Worried?

Since top LDS (Mormon) leaders serve for life, their capacities will inevitably decline. Protections exist to compensate for this inevitability.

Do You Need Help Repenting?

Unresolved sins can makes you spiritually sick. Recognize the symptoms and take steps to repent. It will lift the spiritual burden you struggle under.

Are You Hastening or Hindering the Work?

Members hinder the Lord's work when they do not embrace authorized changes from inspired leaders or make unauthorized changes to the work themselves.

A Checklist for Modern Pioneers

Identifying the principles and practices of early Mormon pioneers help us to apply them to our modern day challenges and become modern pioneers.

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