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Good Habits: Calendar and Bookmark

Make Bad Habits into Good Ones!


The best way of changing bad habits is to replace them with good ones. These printable bookmarks and calendars will help you remember and keep your goal as you work to create a good habit. I've also created bookmarks and a calendar for keeping track of your goals. They are similar to the good habit ones but instead of having trial sections there is a section for each of your goals.

Instructions: Fill in the top section. Mark off a number for each day you accomplish your goal. If you miss a day, start over. When you have successfully completed 21 days in a row your goal will have become a good habit.

PDF Files:Notes:
  • Each bookmark or calendar (except for the yearly ones) has a place to add the days of the week (just the letter) above each trial/goal section. For example: If day one is a Wednesday put in small letters above the first row in the space provided: W H F S S M T. This way you'll know if you've already marked off the day you're working on. For each trial section or goal do the same thing as the day you start may change depending on your circumstances.
  • The bookmarks can be folded and carried around with you in your purse/wallet/backpack or the Calendar size one can be posted on your wall.
See the "Making and Achieving Goals" article for great ideas and the Visual Aid category for more printable bookmarks and other resources.

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