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LDS Primary Song: Children All Over the World

Saying Thank You in Languages from All Over the World


Thank You Gracias; Children All Over the World

Thank You Gracias; Children All Over the World

Rachel Bruner
In the primary organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, children practice singing songs during singing time. (Learn more about our Sunday services for adults, youth, and children.)

One of the beautiful LDS Primary songs that children sing during Singing Time is "Children All Over the World," a song of Thanksgiving and gratitude which is on pages 16-17 of the Children's Songbook. In this primary song children learn how to say "Thank You" in six other languages.
    Thank You in Six Languages
  • Spanish: gracias
  • Tongan: malo
  • German: wir danken dir
  • Danish: tak
  • French: merci
  • Japanese: kansha shimasu
To help children learn how to say "Thank You" in these foreign languages, my mother Kate Myers, created beautiful posters of six children wearing their native dress from their home country of Spain, Tonga, Germany, Holland, France, and Japan. Follow the instructions and directions below for preparing and teaching this lovely song of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Preparation: Download and print all six pages for the primary song, "Children All Over the World" in the PDF given below. The pictures look best in color and will be stronger if printed on card stock. After printing each child saying "Thank You" in their native tongue, you can paste the picture to a larger poster board or you can attach it to a large, flat stick for easy holding when showing the picture at the front of the primary room.

Download and Print: Children All Over the World (PDF; 2MB)
This LDS Primary Singing Time file contains the following items:
  • 1 boy from Spain: gracias
  • 1 girl from Tonga: malo
  • 1 boy from Germany: wir danken dir
  • 1 girl from Holland: tak
  • 1 boy from France: merci
  • 1 girl from Japan: kansha shimasu
Foreign Children Images Created By: Kate Myers
Note: In exchange for this free LDS Primary singing time idea, please share with us where you are from and how many primary children are in your singing time. If you know how to say "Thank You" in another language please share that too! Please post your answers in the comments: Children All Over the World

Directions: There are several different ways you can use these "Thank You" pictures during singing time. Here are a few ideas:
  • Start by asking your primary children about gratitude and thanksgiving.
  • When teaching, "Children All Over the World," for the first time introduce the primary song by asking the children if they know how to say "Thank You" in other languages.
  • For primary children who may have already learned this song in the past, ask them if they remember how to say "Thank You" in Spanish.
  • Have a child come up to the front of the primary room (perhaps choose the child if they knew how to say "Thank You" in one of the languages) and give them the poster to hold for the other children to see.
  • When practicing the song have the child holding the poster raise it a little higher when the corresponding foreign "Thank You" is sung during the song.
  • Another practice idea for when the children have learned this primary song is to select one of the "Thank You" posters and have the child turn it around so that the blank side is facing towards the primary children. Then sing the song. Do this with each "Thank You" poster one at a time until all six are no longer showing.
  • When finished, say "Thank You" to the children in one of the foreign languages.
This LDS primary singing time idea can be used year round or as a special Thanksgiving song about gratitude. See the LDS Holidays page for additional Thanksgiving resources.

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