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Book of Mormon Prophets

List of Prophets from the Book of Mormon


Just as God called prophets during Old Testament and New Testament times, He also called prophets to teach the people on the American Continent. A history of these prophets, the people, and even a personal visit from Jesus Christ is recorded in The Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon teaches about three groups of people, Nephites, Lamanites, and Jaredites. This list of known Book of Mormon prophets is divided into these groups.

Book of Mormon Prophets
    Nephite Prophets
  • Lehi
  • Nephi
  • Jacob
  • Enos
  • Jarom
  • Mosiah1, father of Benjamin
  • Benjamin, son of Mosiah
  • Mosiah2, son of Benjamin
  • Abinadi
  • Alma
  • Alma, son of Alma3
  • Helaman
  • Helaman4, son of Helaman
  • Nephi5, son of Helaman, son of Helaman
  • Nephi6, son of Nephi, son of Helaman
  • Timothy6
  • Jonas6, son of Timothy
  • Mathoni6
  • Mathonihah6
  • Kumen6
  • Kumenonhi6
  • Jeremiah6
  • Shemnon6
  • Jonas6
  • Zedekiah6
  • Isaiah6
  • Mormon7
  • Moroni8

    Lamanite Prophet
  • Samuel

    Jaredite Prophets
  • Brother of Jared
  • Ether
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1. Guide to the Scriptures: Mosiah, Father of Benjamin.
2. Guide to the Scriptures: Mosiah, Son of Benjamin.
3. Guide to the Scriptures: Alma, Son of Alma.
4. Guide to the Scriptures: Helaman, Son of Helaman.
5. Guide to the Scriptures: Nephi, Son of Helaman.
6. After His resurrection, Christ visited the Americas and chose twelve Nephite disciples who are considered prophets, seers, and revelators. See What is a Prophet?, 3 Nephi 19:4, and Guide to the Scriptures: Nephi, Son of Nephi, Son of Helaman.
7. Mormon is the prophet who abridged The Book of Mormon.
8. Guide to the Scriptures: Moroni, Son of Mormon.
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