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Top 5 Food Storage Starter Books


For over 65 years members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been counseled to acquire and store a year's supply of food. (See the article, "Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness," to learn why we've received this council.)" Here are some of the best food storage books to get you started. Even food storage veterans would find a few of these to be handy references.

1. Essentials of Home Production and Storage

Essentials of Home Production and Storage
This 30 page booklet, published by the LDS Church, covers the basics of personal and family preparedness, home production, and storage. Topics include gardening, food preservation, production of nonfood items, water storage, first aid, food storage amounts, and more. An excellent reference for those striving to obtain a year supply, and it only costs $1.00 US! It also contains a useful bibliography.

2. Food Storage for the Clueless

Food Storage for the Clueless
This fun and comprehensive Food Storage book starts off at square one and takes the reader through every step of becoming an expert. It also features recipes and plenty of do's and don'ts in creating a successful food storage program.
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3. Food Storage 101

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of trying to store a year supply of food? Don't know where to begin? This book by Peggy Layton will help you put together a workable food storage program. Find out what to store and how much.
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4. Simply Prepared

This book covers some of the possibilities of why we would need to have a year supply of food storage and includes a chapter entitled, "Preparedness and the Scriptures." The 70+ chapters cover such things as affording home food storage, how and where to store it, battling bugs, basics, canning instructions, water storage, electric grain mills, natural disaster information, sanitation, and much more.

5. The Ultimate Food Storage Cookbook

Each chapter in this book includes a list of food storage items to buy, explains how to store them, and then suggests recipes using those ingredients. The chapters build each other so that a faithful reader will have enough food storage by the end of their reading to make the 220 included recipes. Detailed instructions on how to make bread from wheat and cheese from powdered milk are also included.

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