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The Holy Scriptures


Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Saints are often called "Mormons" because of the Book of Mormon. Learn more about this sacred book of scripture and the other scriptures we use, including the Bible.
  1. Origin of the Scriptures
  2. Studying the Scriptures
  3. Bible Resources
  4. Scripture FAQs
  5. Scripture Puzzles, Quizzes, and More

Origin of the Scriptures

Common questions asked about Latter-day Saints are about the Scriptures we use. What are the LDS scriptures? Where did the Book of Mormon come from? And do we use the Bible?

Studying the Scriptures

Scriptures of the LDS Church called the Standard Works

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ strongly believe that daily scripture study is one of the basic ways in which we can come to know the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to live it. These resources will help you as you feast upon the word of God.

Bible Resources

The Holy Bible Scriptures; King James Version of the Bible

Increase your study of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, with these resources. Also learn how you can get a free Bible or read the Bible online.

Scripture FAQs

The Holy Bible Scriptures; King James Version of the Bible

Here are some frequently asked questions about the scriptures, doctrine in the scriptures, or questions that are answered by the scriptures.

Scripture Puzzles, Quizzes, and More

The Book of Mormon

Studying the scriptures can be fun with these quizzes, puzzles, and other printable resources.

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