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LDS Scripture Study Techniques


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Footnote Referencing
LDS Scripture Study: Footnote Referencing

LDS Scripture Study: Footnote Referencing

Referencing the footnotes is an excellent way to further your understanding of gospel principles and to study the LDS Scriptures. While reading a passage pay attention to words or phrases that "jump out at you" meaning you find them interesting, curious, or are unsure of what they mean. If there's a footnote reference (a lowercase a, b, c, etc. before the word) look to the bottom of the page where you'll see the footnotes (listed by chapter and verse) and related references or other notes.

I like to circle the little letter in both the verse and its corresponding footnote. Next I take a bookmark, or other firm piece of cardstock, and draw a line between the two letters. I use a regular ball-point pen for this but a pencil would work too. I also like to add a little arrowhead pointing towards the footnote. If you're using the color code system (Technique #2) you can underline the footnote reference in its corresponding color.

After doing this you'll be amazed at all the gems you'll find. This is one of my favorite study technique which can be used when reading from cover to cover or with any other LDS scripture study method.

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