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Top 9 LDS Dating Web Sites


A list of the top ten LDS dating web sites. Most of these LDS dating services have a lot of the same basic features, but some have additional resources you might be looking for in a LDS dating site, including the volume of activity and number of members who've posted profiles.

Once you find someone to date see these LDS dating guidelines and learn how to know who to marry through the LDS dating and courtship process. Or share your personal online LDS Dating success story!

1. LDS Dating: LDSPlanet.com

LDS Dating Site: LDSPlanet
This LDS dating site has the most activity as well as thousands of profiles of singles which is why it is in spot number one. Of course the site also has some other great pros (and a few cons) so check out the full review to learn more including additional features, how many stars I gave it, and what I think of it over all.

2. LDS Dating: LDSSingles.com

LDS Dating Site: LDSSinglesOnline
This LDS dating site is a great way to meet other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are single too. With thousands of members who've created profiles and posted pictures of themselves there's plenty of opportunity to meet others and make friends. Read the full review to learn more about this site, its features, and membership.

3. LDS Dating: LDSMingle.com

LDS Dating Site: LDSMingle
Another LDS dating site, LDSMingle has an excellent list of features and lots of single members who've signed up and are using the site. This LDS dating site also has a really cool feature where you take a personality test, called The Color Code, a personality assessment test. Your color type is attached to your profile and you can then browse through other profiles by their color to find ones that match your personality type. Find out more in my review including the pros and cons, detailed description, and how many stars I gave it.

4. LDS Dating: LDSPals.com

This LDS dating site is nice, although it's not as fancy as the top three. Even though it's not as busy as some sites, it's still a great place to meet Latter-day Saint singles online. Registering is easy, although using the site can be a bit tricky. You can send and read flirts but to send and read messages you have to become a paying member of this LDS dating website.

5. LDS Dating: LDSFusion.com

This is a very small LDS dating website but it seems to be growing. It has some cool features that I think make it of value including activity groups (where you can post and join activities), record video and/or audio right on the site, make blog posts to your profile, and fusion dating. It may take some time for this site to really pick up, but I think it would be fun if it did.

6. LDS Dating: LDSDateMate.com

This site for LDS dating is very new, so there's not a lot of membership yet, but it appears to be growing. Features include: compatibility profiling, speed dating, instant messenger, chat, and video uploads. Setting up a profile is easy but can be a bit tricky, there are annoying google ads, and the site sometimes locks up. This LDS dating website, although new, might be worth looking into.

7. LDS Dating: LDSDates.com

Another basic LDS dating service although this one has a personality test that "conforms to the Myers Briggs format" which then lets you search profiles by personality type. This site also has an advanced subscription account which allows you to send messages and if the recipient is not a paying member they will still be able to read your message because you're an advanced member. After many years this site is still relatively small and not that active.

8. LDS Dating: LDSSinglesNetwork.com

This LDS dating website has all the basic features but it appears to be practically dead and unused.

9. LDS Dating: LDSLinkUp.com

This is at the bottom of the list because it isn't exactly a LDS dating site but as a LDS social network it makes a great place to meet and make friends. A ton of Latter-day Saints use this site and because it's a unique way to meet other members of the church, including Latter-day Saint singles, I recommend checking it out- although the pop up ads are annoying.

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