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Digital Media

The Church is increasingly turning to digital media to achieve all sorts of things. Many LDS resources are now digital. In addition, members are encouraged to blog and share their faith online, so many unofficial resources also exist. If you are looking for LDS news, blogs or other tools, this is the right place. 
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  2. Digital Tools on lds.org (12)
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  4. Lessons And Talks (4)

Service in the Vineyard
An explanation of all the features on vineyard.lds.org, the LDS Church's volunteer website for helping the Church with digital projects.

About LDS Newsletter
Sign up to receive the weekly About Latter-day Saint Newsletter to be notified of the latest LDS articles. There are other About.com newsletters you can choose to sign up for too.

Official LDS Website
This is the Church's official website. It includes access to member resources as well as being the gateway for all the unit tools. Find scriptures, manuals, magazines and access to everything the Church publishes.

The Church maintains Mormon.org as an introductory website to our beliefs and our members. Find member profiles and answers to basic gospel questions.


How to Understand and Use the LDS Scripture Citation Index
The LDS Scripture Citation Index allows you to expand your search criteria by going beyond title, author and subject by including scripture as a search tool.

This useful LDS Toolbar provides links to Official Church Websites, Online Scriptures and to 100 Church related websites. The links are automatically updated and there’s even a built in player for BYU Radio, which is very handy.

Top 5 Sites for Quick Answers and Facts About Mormons
Good Information about the LDS (Mormon) Church, is hard to come by. These five sites can supply you with quick facts and information you can rely on.

Family Friendly Fare, Finally!
Granite Flats is the first originally scripted drama offered by BYUtv, a television station at BYU and featuring LDS and other family programming.

How to Leave the Church
There are informal and formal steps you can take when you want to spiritually and/or physically separate yourself from the Church.

Should Drones Be Flown Over Temples?
Drones flown over LDS (Mormon) temples could conceivably capture images never seen before, but photographers should seek Church permission first.

Are You Hastening or Hindering the Work?
Members hinder the Lord's work when they do not embrace authorized changes from inspired leaders or make unauthorized changes to the work themselves.

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