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Jesus Christ Pictures

Find a huge list of Jesus Christ pictures including clipart and other art images. These Jesus Christ pictures come in color and black/white and are for church or personal use only.

Reflections of Christ Book Review - Pictures of Jesus
Reflections of Christ is a coffee table book containing 30 outstanding pictures of Jesus Christ- photographs by Mark Mabry depicting the life of Christ during the New Testament-era.

Jesus Christ Pictures 1
Over 60 Jesus Christ Pictures from his life and teachings. These Jesus Christ pictures are all in color.

Jesus Christ Pictures 2
Over 60 Jesus Christ Pictures of him with children, his ministry, sacrifice, and resurrection. These Jesus Christ Pictures are all black and white.

Jesus Christ Pictures: 3
More Jesus Christ pictures including color, b/w, his birth, death, resurrection, and more! There are over 70 Jesus Christ pictures in this gallery.

Jesus Christ Pictures: 4
Images from his life, ministry and teachings. These Jesus Christ pictures are all in color and full size with over 200 of them!

Jesus Christ Pictures: His Birth
This gallery contains over 70 Jesus Christ pictures of the nativity when he was born including the manger, stable, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, and him as a baby. These Jesus Christ Pictures are perfect for those already preparing lessons about Christmas.

Jesus Christ Pictures: Nativity Cards
A Go fish game using Jesus Christ pictures from the nativity including the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the angel, shepherds, wise-men, and more.

Christmas Bookmarks: Jesus Christ Pictures as Great Christmas Gifts
These ready to print bookmarks with Jesus Christ Pictures make great free Christmas gifts! There are several different ones to choose from both in color and black/white.

Jesus Christ Pictures: Christmas Advent Calendar
This printable Christmas advent calendar comes with a cute Jesus Christ picture, wonderful scriptures, and fun activities to help you and your family remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Jesus Christ Pictures from Old Testament
The LDS Church's Gospel Art Kit has several Jesus Christ pictures in the Old Testament section. This kit is from the Church's Home and Family site and are the Jesus Christ pictures that come with the primary manuals.

Jesus Christ Pictures from Book of Mormon
The Gospel Kit from the LDS Church's site has some great Jesus Christ pictures of when he visited the Nephities in the Book of Mormon.

Jesus Christ Pictures - Image Gallery
This gallery contains over 200 Jesus Christ pictures. Some of the images are the same as from the Gospel Art Kit, but there are many other Jesus Christ Pictures are not.

Jesus Christ Pictures - Free Christian Clipart
This web site has over 1800 free clipart images. They are not an LDS site, but they have lots of religious clipart, including many Jesus Christ pictures.

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