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Are you worried about keeping your children attentive during General Conference? Here are a bunch of activities and games to keep them busy. Some of the games include: Apostle flash cards, bingo, conference reports, word searches and more!
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General Conference of the LDS Church
General Conference of the LDS Church is broadcast twice a year. In these meetings the First Presidency, 12 Apostles, and other leaders of the LDS Church share inspirational messages to members throughout the world. Find out when and where these meetings are broadcast and how you can watch them online.

General Conference Notebooks
General Conference of the LDS Church is held twice a year, and this notebook idea, created and submitted by C.O. Worthington, is a great way to help children (and adults) listen and pay closer attention to what is being said.

Booklet: General Conference Session Notes
These booklets are perfect for taking notes (or drawing pictures) of General Conference! There are two different types available, one for three speakers and one for seven.

Booklet: Latter-day Prophets and Apostles
These booklets are of our 15 Latter-day Prophets and fifteen Latter-day Apostles. The booklet of our Latter-day Apostles and First Presidency are perfect for helping children know who most of the speakers are at General Conference!

Apostle Cards
Can you name all the current Apostles? Use these flash cards to test your knowledge, or print two sets to play the memory game. Ready to print file!

Just print and cutout the cards for this fun game. Four LDS bingo boards and other pieces come with this printable game. Enjoy!

This Family Home Evening game, the do-it-yourself Scategories game, can be easily adapted to make a nice quiet time General Conference activity.

Crossword Puzzles
Each puzzle comes with two different versions, ones you can do online or ones you can print and use at home or church. Crosswords include Church History, Book of Mormon, Bible, Apostle, and Prophet puzzles.

General Conference Candy Bar Wrappers
These General Conference wrappers fit on regular sized chocolate bars and make fun handouts, just scroll down to General Conference!

General Conference Mini Bar Wrappers
There are a couple of mini candy bar wrappers about General Conference here, just scroll down the alphabetical list to General Conference. They're the perfect size if you need lots of handouts!

General Conference Reports
Take notes during conference and then share them during family home evening.

Latter-day Prophet Cards
Find the two Prophet cards that are the same or that go together in this fun Latter-day Prophet matching card game. There are two different sizes and two types of games, one with pictures and one with fact cards.

Name Game: 15 Latter-day Prophets
In this General Conference game match the first names of the 15 Latter-day Prophets with their last names.

Name Game: First Presidency and 12 Apostles
Match the first names of the Prophet and Apostles with their last names in this General Conference game!

Prophet Bingo
These bingo cards are made from pictures of the 15 prophets and are ready to print, cut out, and use! This is another Family Home Evening game that can be easily adapted for a General Conference activity.

Word Search: 15 Latter-day Prophets
In this General Conference word search find all the first and last names of the 15 Latter-day Prophets.

Word Search: First Presidency and 12 Apostles
Find all the first and last names of the current Church leaders in this General Conference word search.

Word Search: Latter-day Saint Words
This Latter-day Saint word search uses Mormon terms, most of which are unique to Latter-day Saints. Use this LDS word search as a General Conference activity for children.

Fun Mazes
Here are a bunch of fun mazes that range in level of difficulty for different age groups including: easy, medium, and difficult.

Official General Conference Games
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also has a fun website of General Conference games and activities.

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