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Family Home Evening Game: Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt

A fun activity for younger children based on the Book of Mormon.


Object of the Game: To match the Book of Mormon scripture with the correct clue.

Items Needed: Pictures and Clues (print the ones below or make your own) and a treat/treasure of some kind.

Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt PicturesCorrect Scavenger CluesIncorrect Scavenger CluesDirections:
  1. Cut out correct clues and scripture references.
  2. Glue them back to back.
  3. Empty clue cards have been provided if you want to make your own clues.
  4. Cut out dummy clues and scripture references.
  5. Glue them back to back.
  6. Place one correct clue card and one incorrect clue card with each picture.
  7. Hide them in the appropriate places in your home.
  8. Place the treat or treasure at the last spot.
  9. Begin by giving the children one of the pictures along with the clue cards.
  10. They must look up the scripture references on both cards and determine which scripture matches the picture.
  11. If they choose correctly they will be given the next clue.
  12. Continue the scavenger hunt until all the clues have been found. The last clue should lead the children to the treat.

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