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Family Home Evening Game: LDS Bingo


Family Kneeling and Praying in Church
Paul Burns
Keeping children attentive during church or General Conference can be a challenge. Here is one idea that should help them to listen to the speakers.

Object of the Game: Get five in a row to win a prize!

Preparation: Open and print the following PDF files. The LDS bingo cards are the only pieces that will need to be cut out.

LDS Bingo PDF Files:Directions: Each child receives a different LDS bingo board and set of LDS bingo pieces. Explain that each picture on the board represents a topic that might be spoken of during church/conference. They should listen carefully to the speakers and when they hear one of the speakers mention a topic pictured on their board, they should place a marker over it. When a child gets 5 in a row (or completes the whole board) they receive a prize. (Prizes can be a maze, game, or other puzzle to do.)

Notes: To make the game last longer you can encourage children to fill in the entire board. If you'd like to make the printed LDS bingo pieces into stickers you can use this Seal Gum recipe.

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