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10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas


With so much focus on buying, giving, and getting it's easy to lose focus of the true meaning of Christmas. This list gives 10 simple ways you can keep Christ in Christmas this season.

1. Study Scriptures About Christ

LDS Scripture Study
The best way to keep Christ in Christmas is to go to the source- the scriptures- and learn about Christ: his birth, life, death, and teachings. Studying the life of Jesus Christ, especially on a daily basis, will bring Christ into your life, especially at Christmas time.

Improve your study of the word of God with these scripture study techniques.

2. Pray in the Name of Christ

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer; Public Domain
Albrecht Dürer; Public Domain
Another way to keep Christ in Christmas is through prayer. Praying is an act of humility, a necessary attribute to bring us closer to Christ. As we pray with sincerity we will open ourselves to God's love and peace. Start by increasing how often you pray, at least once per day, and your thoughts will be more focused on Christ during Christmas.

If you're new to prayer just start small with a simple prayer. Express your thoughts and feelings to God and He will hear you.

3. Focus Decorations on Christ

Christmas Advent Calendar
Decorate your home with pictures of Christ, from both His birth and life. You can put up decorations that feature the birth of Christ including a nativity scene and Christmas advent calendar. Be creative as you decorate for the holiday. Hang up words and sayings about Christ and Christmas such as, "Christ - The Reason for the Season" and "Christ = Christmas." If you can't find Christ centered decorations you can make your own.

4. Listen to Christmas Songs About Christ

Hymn Book
Rachel Bruner
Listening to hymns and Christmas songs about Christ will more easily bring the true spirit of Christmas into your heart and home. While you listen to the music focus on the words that you hear. What are they saying? Do you believe the words? How do you feel about Jesus Christ?

There are many excellent songs and hymns about Christ, Christmas, and the joy of the season. Specifically choosing to listen to those songs that focus on Jesus Christ will definitely keep Christ in Christmas.

5. Focus Your Entertainment Around Christ

21 Days Closer to Christ by Emily Freeman with paintings by Simon Dewey
DeseretBook.com 21 Days Closer to Christ by Emily Freeman
To help keep Christ in Christmas, focus your downtime on those things that will remind you of Christ. Read books and stories about Christ. Watch movies and plays about Christ. Play games with your family that are centered around Christ. Here are some excellent Christ-centered resources:

6. Repeat Christmas Scriptures and Quotes

Affirmations of Truth on Index Cards
Rachel Bruner
An excellent way to focus your thoughts upon Christ during the Christmas season is to repeat scriptures, quotes, and other sayings about Christ throughout the day. Jot down some Christmas scriptures or Christmas quotes in a mini notebook or on some index cards and then carry them with you wherever you go. During those moments when you're not doing anything (standing in line, stopped in traffic, on break, etc.) pull out your notebook and read your affirmations about Christ and Christmas. Such a small act has great power to keep Christ in Christmas.

7. Keep a Christmas Journal

Keeping a Journal
Photo by Rachel Bruner
A simple, yet effective way to focus your thoughts upon Christ during Christmas is to keep a journal and write your thoughts about Him in it. All you need is a little notebook and a pen/pencil to get you started. Write down what you're thankful for, how you feel, and what hopes you have for the Christmas season. Write about past experiences, including those at Christmas time, and how you've seen the hand of God in your life. Share those Christmas traditions that remind you of Christ.

Putting your thoughts to paper is a powerful way to change the focus of your thoughts, and having a Christmas journal will help you keep Christ in Christmas.

8. Talk About Christ with Others

Christus of Jesus Christ
Photo by Rachel Woods
An excellent way to keep Christ in Christmas is to talk about Him with others. When appropriate share your love for Christ with your family, friends, children, and those who come your way. In turn ask them what they think about Christ. You can respect those who don't believe in Him by just sharing your faith in Christ and how thinking about Christ during Christmas makes you feel.

9. Serve Others with Charity

19th-century stained glass window in St. Canice's cathedral. Photo by: Andreas F. Borchert, GFDL
Andreas F. Borchert, GFDL
Charity, the pure love of Christ, means to love others unconditionally. Serving others with love is one of the ultimate ways to keep Christ in Christmas because that is what Christmas is all about. Through the Atonement, Christ served each of us on a level we cannot fully understand, but which we can emulate by serving others.

10. Give a Spiritual Gift to Christ

Scriptures of the LDS Church called the Standard Works
Public Domain
The Christmas season is so focused on buying, giving, and getting gifts, but if Christ is our focus what would He have us do? What kind of gift could we give the Savior? See this list of 10 spiritual gifts to give the Savior to help find and choose what you could do for Christ this year.

By giving to Christ we will find the true meaning of Christmas which is celebrating our Savior, Jesus Christ.
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