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LDS Activity Idea: Service Scavenger Hunt


This LDS activity idea is a fun way to do service!

Preparation: Make a list of service items, such as wash windows/mirrors, fold laundry, pick 10 weeds each, sweep, etc. Make enough copies for each group.

Directions: Divide into groups, give each group a copy of the list. The group that finishes their list and makes it back to the church (or meeting place) wins. Here are a few variations for "playing" this service scavenger hunt:
  • Have each group go to several houses and do one item on the list which needs to be signed off.
  • Have each group go to one house and each person takes on one of the assignments on the list.
  • If you have a small group take them all to one house where they each pick an assignment to complete.
Submitted by: Lasie

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