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Lesson Activity: Sabbath Day Boxes

'My Sabbath Box' Activity


My Sabbath Day Box

My Sabbath Day Box

This activity from the lesson, Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, is perfect for your class or family. There are two different types of Sabbath Day boxes to choose from. Also see the Video: How to Make a Sabbath Day Activity Box

  • A printer
  • Paper (cardstock works best)
  • Glue or Tape
  • Scissors
  • Open one of the pdf files (there are two to choose from) and print the two pages onto cardstock.
  • Cutting along solid lines, cut out designed elements.
  • Cut along solid line between Flaps #3 and #4.
  • Cut slit along solid red line.
  • Cut out area on box lid, as indicated. Cut slits along solid lines on top flap.
PDF Files:Directions:

To Make Box
  1. Insert Tab A into slit. Tape or glue to secure. Fold along all dotted lines.
  2. Connect remaining edges, overlapping as indicated.
  3. To assemble bottom, fold Bottom Flap #1 inside the box.
  4. Fold in Bottom Flaps #2 and #3, inserting the points of these flaps under the square center of Flap #1.
  5. Fold in Bottom Flap #4 and push tab into center slot. Apply tape or glue inside the box at the bottom to secure.
To Make Handle
  • Folding along dotted lines, fold design in half, design side out. Tape or glue sides together, being sure not to glue together tabs at bottom of handles.
To Assemble
  1. Insert tabs on handle into slits on top flap.
  2. Fold back tabs and tape or glue to underside of flap to secure.
  3. Fold down left flap, then fold down flap with handle attached.
  4. Fold down lid, pulling handle through cut-out area.
  5. Tuck lip of lid into box to close.
Print and cut out the list of 101 Sabbath Day Activity Ideas, to put into the box or create your own list of ideas. Each Sunday you can have the children choose activities from the Sabbath Box to help them keep the Sabbath day holy.

Note: You can't see many of the dotted lines on the second Sabbath Day box, so you will have to follow the instructions carefully.

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