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Free LDS Music - New Era
Part 1: Free LDS sheet music from the New Era magazine from 1990-2002.
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Every year the New Era publishes several new songs. Here's an index of all the songs with both words and LDS music available as clipart images.

Free LDS Music - New Era from 1990-2002

Jan Pinborough and Kenneth Plain, "My Testimony," June 2002, 14-15

Marvin K. Gardner and Vanja Y. Watkins, "Arise and Sing This Christmas Morn," Dec. 2002, 11

Janice Kapp Perry, "The Voice of the Spirit," Feb. 2001, 10-11

Cynthia Mrazek Pyne, "Maybe I Will Be There," Sept. 2001, 14-15

Benjamin Salisbury, "We, the Youth in Zion's Army," Sept. 2001, 51

Samuel Medley and Ralph B. Woodward, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," Jan. 2000, 10-11

Margo Edgeworth, "He Is There," Sept. 2000, 10-11

Meg Nielson, "Let Us Awake," Sept. 2000, 51

Mabel Jones Gabbott and Michael F. Moody, "Let It Come Quietly," Dec. 2000, 51

Daryl O. Smith, "This Is Thy Day," Mar. 1999, 10-11

Margo Faraoni Edgeworth, "Just a Moment in Eternity," Sept. 1999, 10-11

Thomas L. Kay and Rachel Bastian, "Saints," Sept. 1999, 51

Kirsten K, Hoopes and Jaremy J. Hoopes, "Home Is a Place of Peace," Oct. 1999, 11

Robert P. Manookin, "Christmas Bells Are Ringing," Dec. 1999, 10-11

Steven K. Jones and Sam Cardon, "One by One," Apr. 1998, 10-11

Rachel Bastian, "Morning Prayer," Sept. 1998, 50

Elizabeth A. Wright, "Little Child," Dec. 1998, 10-11

Weston Cann and Orson F. Whitney, "Within These Walls," Mar. 1997, 9

Douglas L. Ipson, "Our Father and Our God," Nov. 1997, 11

Gregory Duffin, "Behold, the Field Is White," Aug. 1997, 51

Tia M. Rix and Richard C. Ferre, "Christmas Time Is Here," Dec. 1997, 9

Jan Pinborough, Mabel Jones Gabbott, Michael F. Moody, and James C. Kasen, "I Heard the Prophet Speak," June 1996, 10-11

Margo Faraoni, "Only a Prayer Away," Aug. 1996, 10-11

Joel H. Johnson and Margo Faraoni, "Father, We Worship Thee," Feb. 1995, 11

Sam Cardon and Steven K. Jones, "Come unto Him," Apr. 1995, 10-11

Margo Faraoni, "Forsake Me Not," Aug. 1995, 51

Steven Kapp Perry, "Plant a Seed in Your Heart," Sept. 1995, 10-11

Mabel Jones Gabbott and Michael F. Moody, "This Is Christmas," Dec. 1995, 10-11

Douglas L. Ipson, "Zion Must Go Forth," Feb. 1994, 11

Dan Carter, "To Those with Pure Intent," June 1994, 11

Douglas L. Ipson, "Glad Tidings from Cumorah," Aug. 1994, 35

Jennifer P. Zabel, "The Carpenter," Aug. 1994, 44-45

Anna Morgan, "Make a Joyful Noise," Nov. 1994, 49

Clive Romney, "Hope Was Born," Dec. 1994, 10-11

Carolyn J. Rasmus and Dan Carter, "I Feel at Peace," Feb. 1993, 10-11

Washington Gladden and Kevin R. Olson, "O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee," Aug. 1993, 51

Laura Ashton, "More Than I Can Give," Nov. 1993, 10-11

Kaimi Wenger, "O Savior, Thou Who Healed the Sick," Aug. 1992, 15

Kevin R. Olson, "My Father's Care," Aug. 1992, 10-11

Carys Anne Irwin, "Be It unto Me," Nov. 1992, 10-11

Kenneth Jones, "In a Stable," Dec. 1992, 10-11

Kevin R. Olson, "Seeds of Truth," Aug. 1991, 10-11

Kevin R. Olson, "A Voice Whispers from the Earth," Aug. 1991, 51

Julie Lofgren Wolford and Darwin Wolford, "The First Christmas," Dec. 1991, 11

Leah S. Martin and Michelle Starke, "This Is Jesus," Apr. 1990, 10-11

Kevin Olson, "My Mission," Aug. 1990, 10-11

Jenny W. Francis, "A Gift of Love," Dec. 1990, 10-11

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