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Wrapped Candy Bar Game
Roll the right number, get a chance to eat the chocolate bar, but hurry before your turn's up.
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Object of the Game: To eat as much of the candy bar as possible before your turn is over.
Items Needed:
1 6-sided die; 1 king sized candy bar (such as a Hershey's bar); 1 butter knife; 1 fork; 1 set of gloves; newspaper; tape
Preparation: Take the unopened candy bar and heavily wrap it in newspaper, tape it in place with lots of tape so that it's tightly wrapped. Place the wrapped bar in the freezer for at least an hour. When ready place the frozen bar, gloves, knife, and fork on a table or the floor. Have everyone sit in a circle around the items.

Directions: Begin by having someone roll the die, if they roll a 1 or 6 they must put on the gloves, grab the knife and fork and try to open the candy bar with only those two items. They cannot use their teeth, hands or any other help. When the next person rolls a 1 or 6 they must remove the gloves and give them to that person who must then try to unwrap the bar. Once the bar is visible the players may try to eat the bar using the tools when it is their turn. Once the bar is completely eaten the game is over.

Example: Player one rolls a four, player two rolls a six and puts on the gloves. Player three rolls a three while player two begins to hack at the bar with only the knife and fork. Player four rolls a one and asks for the gloves which player two removes, and player five rolls a one before player four finished putting on the gloves. Player one rolls again, etc.

Note: To make the game more difficult you can include a scarf and hat that must be put on before you can begin to work on the candy bar.

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