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Spoon and Fork
A hilarious game perfect for FHE, church activities and family reunions.
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Object of the Game: To pass the spoon and fork around the circle in opposite directions. There is no winner/loser, no one gets out, the object is to see which utensil gets back first. So you try to do it as fast as you can, which makes everyone laugh as people make mistakes or say the words funny.
Items Needed:
One Spoon and one fork.
Preparation: Have everyone sit in a circle, close enough together to quickly pass a spoon/fork.

Directions: One person is at the head of the circle and starts by holding a spoon and a fork. The head person turns to the person on the left, hands the person the spoon and says "this is a spoon" the person receiving the spoon says "A what?" to which the head person says "a spoon" The lead person does the same thing with the fork to the person on the right. Each person in turn does the same thing to the people on their left or right respectively. They pass on the "A what?" question all the way to the lead person who answers each as it is asked. Play continues until the spoon and fork make it all the way around the circle back to the lead person.

Example: Eight people are playing and player one is the head person who takes the spoon, turns to the person on the left and says, "this is a spoon" and gives it to that person who asks, "A what?" The head person replies, "a spoon" then turns to the person on the right and says, "this is a fork," "A what?" asks the person who takes the fork, "a fork" replies the head person. While that is going on the second person has already turns to the person on the left and said, "This is a spoon," "a what?" asks the person who turns back to the head person and asks, "a what?" the head person replies, "a spoon." The person turns back to the person on their left and says, "a spoon" and hands the spoon to that person who does the same with the next person. The fork is doing the same on the other side and will continue all the way until the fork and spoon return to the head person, having been handed around the circle from each person.

Note: We have played this at family reunions, what a hoot! My dad says "fark" for fork.

Submitted by: LustyGus with editorial additions by Rachel Woods.


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