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By Melanie Cooper

Do you have a hard time figuring out family home evening assignments each week? Use this simple chart to get organized.

  • A printer
  • Paper (cardstock works best)
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  1. Print a flower for each family member.
  2. Print a flower pot for each assignment.
  3. Cut out the center of each pot.
  4. Glue each pot onto another sheet of paper leaving the center open. This forms a pocket for the stem to slide into.
  5. Glue each flower onto a popsicle stick. We uesd colored popsicle sticks.
  6. Use a marker to print family member names on each flower. Also print FHE duties on each pot (i.e. prayer, lesson, treat, activity, etc.)
  7. Slip each flower into a pot to assign FHE duties. Rotate the flowers each week to make new assignments.
Flowers and Pots

Blue Green Orange Pink White Pots

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