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Readers Respond: How Have Others Served You?

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Share with us how others have used their talents to serve you or how you have used your talents and skills to serve others.

Helping a Stranger

I cut my hand and had to get stitches and a pin in my thumb. The doctor told me not to get my hand wet at all. Two of the missionaries came over about every other night and washed the supper dishes; they helped me sweep and mop the floors and read scripture with me- not even my family offered to help. The missionaries set a fine example of LDS women and got me through a difficult time as if I were family.
—Guest Marla Dukes

How I was served

I just had a baby, was going through divorce, and my mother had died. I painted the living room and was so tired. My visiting teacher came and washed my living room window and left. I felt loved and that I was not alone.
—Guest Kay Dagerfield

Don't worry - be ready to accept!

I have recently been blessed by receiving food and phone calls after I hurt my foot and believe me, getting food for a couple days that I was able to strech into four days was a blessing indeed! When an injury or illness limits movement a meal is truly what is needed. Especially if your spouse is not able to do much but warm up stuff! :) Our Relief Society motto "Charity never failith" could include a sub-motto "and is ever appreciated". Sharon Downey California Stake, 4th Ward

Served in St Louis

We were returning home to Florida after a trip to Nauvoo. While we were traveling on a secondary road just outside of St Louis, a tractor with a huge front-end loader collided with our car. The bucket of the front loader hit the passenger side window. I had my feet on the dashboard and my seat was tilted back in a laying position. Bad place to have them. I remember a voice telling me to get my feet down, I immediately obeyed. Our car came to a stop, I looked at my feet. I could see I was badly injured, two of my toes were missing from my right foot. My husband came around to my side of the car and gave me husbands blessing; I felt that sweet peace that comes with the spirit. I was taken to a trauma center in St Louis, had emergency surgery on my right leg, which was broken in three places. The next day was a Saturday, my husband received a call from a local member who was on vacation in Canada, and He said my house is yours, a car is in the garage, here is my home teacher's number.
—Guest Maureen Stuckey

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