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Readers Respond: How Can You Apply What You've Learned at General Conference?

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After every General Conference we are encouraged to apply what the prophet, apostles, and other church leaders have taught us. What are some ways we can do this? How do you truly apply what you've been taught? How do you make the truths spoken of at General Conference personally applicable in your life? Share your ideas here and then read those shared by other site visitors.

General conference

Conference is like an oasis in the desert. I am so excited when it finally arrives. I download it to my ipod, and listen every day when I walk or while I am waiting in line at the grocery store, post office, etc... It has a calming effect, and helps me remember those changes I desire to make.

God Speaks to Man Today

When I attend General Conference broadcasts at my branch we are told to carry with us notebooks. This has helped out a lot because most of the questions that are in my mind about the gospel in general are answered at the end of the two day conference. The best way for me to apply these teachings is by simply following what I have been asked. It has increased my faith even as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
—Guest samuel

Divided Notes

I like to take notes, dividing my page into three sections: Myself, My Family, My church calling. I listen for ideas that will help me in these three areas.
—Guest Rosie

Include the Children

I pay better attention to conference when I am watching with my children. I try to make references to comments made during conference talks after we have had a conference. I usually say something like, "Hey, that's what the prophet was talking about during his talk, remember?" It's fulfilling when they say, "Yes." Of course, if they don't remember, I refresh their memory by paraphrasing what was said, then explain it. It never takes more than 2 minutes- that way I don't lose their attention.
—Guest WA


I find some key subjects that seemed to be spoken of over and over again and find a color for each and when I read them I highlight them. Usually subjects are Family, Temple, Missionary, Godhead, etc. You can come up with whatever you want.
—Guest Becky Mason

Boyd K Packer is My HERO!

I absolutely love how Boyd K. Packer reinstated that marriage is a sacred bond meant to be shared between a man & a woman only. I really enjoyed when he said something to the effect of "What good would it do if we were to take a vote on the laws of gravity?" Home Run!
—Guest CharityNeverFaileth

Apply What You've Learned at Conference

I have determined to study conference weekly. My family has created a conference study schedule, to watch a conference talk twice a week (at FHE, and as a part of Sunday's family scripture study). When I write my notes, I categorize my thoughts from personal impressions, prophetic counsel, and doctrine taught. As I apply what I learn from studying, I create affirmations in relation to my impressions. For example, today I studied Elder Hale's talk about agency, and my affirmation is as follows: I am so happy and grateful that I hearken with exactness to the word of the Lord.

Re-read the Messages!

This is an obvious answer, but it's one of the most important ways we can apply what we've learned at General Conference: re-read and re-listen to the talks that were given. The broadcasts are continually available online, audio downloads are available, and the text version of each talk is posted online the following Thursday after conference, and later in the following Ensign magazine (May or November issue). As you re-read or re-watch a talk, write down notes of those thoughts, feelings, and impressions that come to you. Think and ponder over the words that have been given- they are of the Lord. I love reading and watching the conference talks again. -Rachel Bruner, About.com Guide of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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