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Find information on the Word of Wisdom and our Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health.
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Law of the Word of Wisdom
We strongly believe in keeping our bodies and minds healthy. To help us do so we follow the Word of Wisdom. Learn more in this post.

FAQ: Which Teas are Okay to Drink?
I was asked the question: "I've heard that some herbal teas are Okay to drink, but could you please clarify what is allowed and what isn't?" So in the Word of Wisdom which herbal teas are Okay to drink?

Cola Drinks and Caffeine
Learn the Church's stand on caffeine, cola drinks, and chocolate, how caffeine affects our health, and how much caffeine certain foods contain in this three part article.

Decaffeinated Coffee and Nonalcoholic Beer
Find out where the Church stands on the consumption of these drinks.

Goals: Making and Achieving Them
Becoming and staying healthy takes dedication. Here is a list of 10 steps that will help you create and achieve your goals. Don't miss page two's goal tracking tools and ideas!

10 Ways to Spiritually Prepare to Enter the Temple
Before entering the temple we should spiritually prepare ourselves so that we are ready to receive additional understanding and enlightenment. Here is a list of ten ways we can better prepare ourselves to be spiritually ready to enter the temple.

12 Ways to Study the LDS Scriptures
Teach others how to more effectively study the scriptures with these great ideas. There are lots of pictures and examples to help illustrate each idea, including: Color Coding, Pictures and Stickers, Word Definitions, and much more! Don't miss both pages in this two part article.

The following story about the importance of a positive was taken from a post made in the LDS Apologetics forum.

Provident Living, Official Site of the LDS Church
This site focuses on the eight aspects of the Welfare Program which are: education and literacy, employment, resource management, food storage and emergency preparedness, caring for others, help for church leaders, physical health, and social and emotional strength.

LDS Ability
LDS Ability is an effort to promote awareness of the presence and needs of members with disabilities in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My Weight Loss Friend
Run by Latter-day Saint, Carolyn Allen, this LDS related web site offers, "Comfort, Hope and Daily Inspiration for Successful Weight Loss." Each day Carolyn posts a new uplifting thought, recipe, challenge, scripture, and health fact which she also sends to her newsletter subscribers.

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