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Vision of the Tree of Life

Clipart of Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life


Vision of the Tree of Life Clipart

Vision of the Tree of Life

Rachel Bruner
My talented mother has once again provided us with some wonderful LDS clipart, this time of the Vision of the Tree of Life! She and I had fun coloring the images too, but the black/white ones are available if you'd like to color them yourself.

Directions: Print and cut out each image from the Vision of the Tree of Life. Place each item as follows:
  • Put the iron rod, the strait and narrow path, and the river of filthy water on a wall or board.
  • Place the fountain at the beginning of the river and the tree of life at the end of the iron rod.
  • Place the great and spacious building above the iron rod.
  • Use the people from the Book of Mormon to illustrate the vision and/or use the boys and girls to show how to hold on to the iron rod.
  • Use the mists of darkness and the careless people to show how one can be tempted and lose their way if they aren’t holding on to the iron rod.
  • The Vision of the Tree of Life can be found in: 1 Nephi 8, 1 Nephi 11, and 1 Nephi 15:21-36
Vision of the Tree of Life: (PDF files)Notes:
  1. To make the Rod of Iron, Strait and Narrow Path, and River of Water longer just print multiple copies and glue them together!
  2. To make the images more durable just print them on cardstock and then laminate them!
Vision of the Tree of Life Game: Page two of this article has a game that uses this clipart and comes with wonderful questions to teach children about choosing the right.

Optional Story: While setting up the Vision of the Tree of Life on a wall or board you can have someone read the following story.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
There is an old story about a boy who took sheep to the mountain to tend them. "If you have any trouble with wolves, just blow the horn and yell, 'Wolf!'" said the townspeople. "We will come and help you." The boy was bored one day and blew the horn. The townspeople came running to help, and the boy thought it was a good joke. Two other times he needlessly called, "Wolf!" and blew the horn. Each time, the people ran to help.

Then came the day when a wolf really appeared and attacked the sheep. The boy blew the horn and called and called, but the townspeople thought that he was lying again. Nobody went to help, and many sheep were killed. Lying hurts you not only because of the direct harm it may cause you and others, but also because people will hesitate to trust you again. So always tell the truth.

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