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LDS Relief Society Birthday Pencil Cards

All you need is a pencil and a printer to make these gifts!


LDS Relief Society Birthday Pencil Cards

LDS Relief Society Birthday Pencil Cards

These printable pencil cards are for both the LDS Relief Society Birthday on March 17th as well as Happy Birthday pencil cards for the sisters in your LDS Relief Society.

Directions: Open the pdf files below and print the number of cards you need, there are four per page. Cut theme out and make a hole on the top and bottom dots using a hole punch. Thread a pencil through the top hole and then through the bottom hole.

Pencil Cards (PDF Files, under 85k each)Notes:
  1. For the pencil cards with a Book of Mormon you could use a red scripture marking pencil instead of a regular one.
  2. I recommend using unsharpened pencils for safety issues.
  3. Printing on cardstock and laminating the cards make them more durable, but it's not required.
  4. You can also print the cards in black and white onto colored cardstock, which looks nice too!
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