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Meal and Menu Planning for Two Weeks


Do you struggle with planning meals for your family? I do! I don't mind cooking but I have trouble coming up with ideas and when I think of something I usually don't have the ingredients I need. So I made this Menu Planning Chart to help me figure out what I'm going to make for the next two weeks.

Directions: Browse through the Meal Planning charts below and choose the one you want to use, then print it. There's a list of meal ideas you can print on the back of your chart or you can make your own. If you laminate your Meal Planning chart you can turn it into a dry erase board and use it over and over. On the charts that have open spaces for "Meal Ideas" and "Other Ideas" write a list of dinner ideas under "Meal Ideas" and a list of side dishes under "Other Ideas". Select dinner ideas for the next two weeks and write them under the appropriate day. Some days can be marked for left overs (L.O.) or Fend For Yourself (F.F.Y.).

When your Meal Planning chart has been filled in add the necessary ingredients you need to buy to your shopping list. After you've gone to the store and bought all the things you need to make each meal idea on your chart, your menu planning is done!

Note: There are charts in both color and black/white, you can even print one on colored paper if you'd like!

Meal Planning Charts: Vertical (PDF Files)Meal Planning Charts: Horizontal Additional Notes:
  • I use magnets to put my Meal Planning chart on my refrigerator, which makes it easy to see, reminds me when I need to thaw something in the freezer, and lets other family members know what to expect for dinner (which means they are less likely to ask you).
  • You can use the chart to write down dinner ideas for two weeks, or breakfast and dinner (or lunch and dinner) ideas for one week.
  • See this blog post for the Ghost Casserole Recipe, which is one of the meal ideas listed on page two of the chart.
  • This chart could also be used to plan meals only using your Food Storage for a week or two.
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