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Christ, the Living Water: Bottle Label


Christ, The Living Water

Christ, The Living Water

Rachel Bruner
This LDS visual aid is a label with a picture of Christ that wraps around a water bottle and says, "Living Water" It also says, "Essential for Eternal Life" and quotes part of D&C 63:23, "A well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life."

Preparation: Because water bottles come in different sizes you will need to do one of the following
  • Print a copy of the regular sized label (below) and try it around different bottles to find one it fits
  • Remove the label from the bottle you wish to use, measure it, save the large label (below) to your computer, open in a program, and resize it to fit your original label
  • Remove the label from the bottle you wish to use, measure it, and resize it in your graphics editor to the exact size (inches or centimeters, including area for glue). As long as it is no larger than 10 inches it will fit on a regular sheet of paper. If you need a larger one you will need a longer paper, such as 8 1/2" X 14"
Directions: Print, cut out, and paste! (Just put a bit of glue, I prefer using a glue stick, on one end of the label and wrap it around the bottle.)

Living Water Bottle LabelsNotes:
  1. If you are making your own label remember to make it a little bit longer (about a centimeter or two) for the glue.
  2. Before purchasing several bottles you might want to make sure the original label can be easily removed or covered.
  3. If your bottles are going to be refrigerated or get wet, you can put a layer of clear packing tape over the label to prevent the ink from smearing/running when the bottle is wet, or has condensation.
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