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Father's Day Poem "Sugar Daddy"


Father's Day Poem Tie Card

Father's Day Poem Tie Card

This wonderful Father's Day Poem called, "Sugar Daddy" was written and submitted by Roberta Stephenson and makes a great gift! It even comes with a printable tie shaped card that's available in a few different formats.

Directions: Either type the following Father's Day poem on a tie shaped card or print out any of the pre-made tie shaped Father's Day poems cards below. Then attach a full size or mini Sugar Daddy sucker to it! Sugar Daddies can be ordered from www.oldtimecandy.com

PDF Files (Three Father's Day Poems per page)Father's Day Poem
    Sugar Daddy

    Some daddies are short
    and some dads are tall,
    Some fish and some hunt
    and some like to play ball.
    Some chase a ball
    'round a golf course,
    Some dads work as actors
    and some ride a horse.

    Some dads like to fix things
    when they are broke
    Like dishwashers,
    and bicycle spokes.
    Some daddies teach school
    and some work at the mall,
    Some dads are policemen
    and some dads are on call.

    Some dads work on computers
    all day 'till they're tired,
    Some dads have gray hair
    and now they're retired.
    Some dads are adopted
    and some are not,
    But however we got them
    we love them a lot

    So whether you fish
    or hunt or play ball,
    Whether you're short
    or even quite tall,
    Whatever your role
    as a Daddy may be,
    Today you are a

    We honor you
    on this Father's Day
    Please know that
    you're loved in
    in so many ways.
Notes: You can print the Father's Day Poem on colored paper or let children color it in!

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