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Faith Seed Pouch


Seed Pouch Cutout
These fun pouches hold seeds to help teach about faith and are perfect for handouts or as a lesson activity.

Preparation: Open and print the faith seed pouch file below.

  1. Cut out pouch, but don’t cut off the bottom/back flap with the directions and scripture!
  2. Fold the two side flaps (#1) and the bottom flap to create the back of the pouch.
  3. Add a light layer of glue to the side flaps and press to back flap, creating the pouch opening.
  4. WAIT until the glue is dry before filling with seeds.
  5. When filled fold top flap (#2) and add a light layer of glue to close pouch.
PDF File: (200k)Each file comes with two pouches and on the back of each pouch there is quote from Alma 32:28 as well as these cute directions:
  1. Find a sunny location
  2. Empty seeds into soil
  3. Water as needed
  4. Have faith and it will grow!
Note: I prefer using a glue stick because it dries quickly and is not too messy! It only takes about a minute to dry too.

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