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Booklet: General Conference Session Notes

Easy to make with just a few folds and one small cut.


Booklet: General Conference Session Notes

Booklet: General Conference Session Notes

These booklets are perfect for taking notes of General Conference! There are two different types available. One is for seven speakers and is better for older children while the other has spots for three speakers and is more appropriate for younger children as there is room for drawing pictures instead of writing.

Directions: Open the pdf files below and print the book and instructions. Follow the instructions on how to make the booklet and that's it!

PDF Files (updated with a picture of President Monson)Notes:
  1. When printing the booklet (pdf file) make sure that Adobe Reader's page scaling is set to "None" and NOT to "fit" or "reduce" to the printer margins. If the reader changes the margins the pages of the booklet will be off center after folding it.
  2. You can also add a bit of glue (such as a glue stick) to the inside to keep the pages together for a more professional look, but you don't have to.
  3. Even though the front of the booklets are in color they print just as well in black and white.
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