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LDS Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers - Instructions


LDS Chocolate Candy Bars

LDS Chocolate Candy Bars

Rachel Bruner
These printable LDS chocolate candy wrappers are to cover candy bars and make for fun handouts and gifts. There are tons of wrappers to choose from too!

  • First find the wrappers you wish to use on the LDS Chocolate Bar Wrappers page. Then print how many you need.
  • Next you will need to buy the candy bars
  • Cut out the wrapper which should have printed at 4 3/4 X 4 3/4 inches.
  • Before adding any glue fold the "FOLD AND GLUE HERE" tab at the light gray line.
  • Now put a little glue on the UNDERSIDE of the part that says "GLUE HERE" and attach it to the bottom of the foil wrapped bar.
  • When the glue is dry, wind the wrapper around the first edge and gently crease the wrapper.
  • Continue wrapping and creasing until the candy bar is covered.
  • Add glue to the "GLUE HERE" section and firmly hold the flap in place until it's dry.
  • There you go!
Other Sizes: If the wrappers don't fit a candy bar you wish to use, you can resize the image to fit around another candy bar size. If you're not sure I would recommend printing and cutting out a wrapper or two and taking it with you to the store to make sure it will fit over the candy bars you buy.

  • Freezing the bars first is an easy way to make sure they won't break/melt while you're putting the wrappers on!
  • With a little practice you can fold and crease the wrappers around the bars without gluing them to the candy bar's foil. This makes it easier for the wrappers to be removed and saved for later.
  • You can keep the original wrappers on the bars but make sure you don't remove the foil wrapper!
  • I prefer using a glue stick as the glue dries quickly and isn't too messy.
LDS Candy Bar Wrappers
  • Because there are so many LDS Wrappers they are located on their own page!
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