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LDS Chews Gum Wrapper


LDS Chews Gum Wrapper

LDS Chews Gum Wrapper

Rachel Bruner
These printable wrappers cover regular packs of gum and make great handouts or mini gifts! There are three to "chews" from:
  • "'Chews' You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve"
  • "Chews the Right"
  • "'Chews' The Right Person, At the Right Time, In the Right Place"
Directions: First you will need to buy a pack of gum with 5 sticks. Next print a copy of the wrapper, it should print just a little smaller than 3 X 2 3/4 inches. Cut out the wrapper and before placing any glue on it align the "chews" part so it's in the center and then make the creases for wrapping it around the pack of gum. When you have the creases ready unwrap it and put a little glue on the UNDERSIDE of the part that says "GLUE HERE" and attach it to the pack of gum. Place the wrapper around the candy then add glue to the "GLUE HERE" section and firmly hold the flap in place until it's dry. And there you go!

LDS Gum Wrappers:Note: I prefer using a glue stick as the glue dries quickly and isn't too messy.

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