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LDS Visual and Musical Aids

A list of visual aids to help you illustrate your lesson as well as aids to help use music when you teach.
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Strait and Narrow Path Chart
This visual chart of the Strait and Narrow Path, created by Jeremy Skidmore, illustrates the Plan of Salvation, the four principles and ordinances of the gospel, and what we need to do to know the truth and return to live with God again.

Picture of Book of Mormon Cities and Lands
A beautiful drawing of some of the lands and cities from The Book of Mormon. Although this image is only a general representation and not an accurate depiction, it still makes a great visual aid.

Armour of God Bookmarks
These fun Armour of God Bookmarks come with detailed armour and descriptions. There are two types to choose from.

13 Articles of Faith Memorization Helps
As members of the Church we have been encouraged to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith. Use these Articles of Faith Memorization Helps to help you memorize each of the 13 Articles of Faith.

LDS Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make wonderful handouts and gifts! There are tons of wrappers to choose from including Primary, Young Womens, Armour of God, Relief Society, Visiting Teaching, Baby Blessings, Birth Announcements, and more!

LDS Mini Chocolate Wrappers
These printable candy wrappers cover mini chocolate bars (Hershey's brand) and make great handouts or inexpensive gifts!

SoulSavers LDS Candy Wrappers
These printable candy wrappers cover lifesavers candies and make great handouts or mini gifts!

LDS Chews Gum Wrapper
These printable candy wrappers cover regular packs of gum and make great handouts or mini gifts!

3-Fold Mission of the Church Triangle
This triangle of the Three-Fold Mission of the Church shows how each part works together: proclaim the gospel, perfect the saints and redeem the dead.

Bath Sachets
A fun activity for making oatmeal and milk bath sachets. Also great for gifts!

Birthday Pencil Cards
These printable Birthday Pencil Cards are perfect birthday handouts for your LDS Primary.

Book of Mormon Bookmarks
Ready to print Book of Mormon Bookmarks that come in two different colors.

Book of Mormon Daily Reading Charts
These Book of Mormon Daily Reading Charts are like a daily color page for children to color in each day that they read the Book of Mormon. These daily scripture reading charts are perfect for primary children or as a Family Home Evening activity to help children and families remember to read the Book of Mormon every day.

Booklet: General Conference Session Notes
These booklets are perfect for taking notes of General Conference! There are two different types available, one for three speakers and one for seven.

Booklet: How to Perform Priesthood Ordinances
A small booklet that teaches how to perform some of the basic Priesthood Ordinances. Just print and easily fold together, all it takes is one little cut!

Booklet: Latter-day Prophets and Apostles
These booklets are of our 15 Latter-day Prophets and fifteen Latter-day Apostles.

Booklet: LDS Young Women Values
A small booklet of the LDS Young Women values and their scriptures. Each page is in the color of the value too!

Booklet: My Gospel Standards
A small booklet that lists "My Gospel Standards" (from the "Faith in God" pamphlets) with some cute clipart.

Booklet: President Hinckley's Six Be's
A small booklet of President Hinckley's 6 Be's that you can print and easily fold together, all it takes is one little cut!

Booklet: Teaching No Greater Call
This booklet gives the titles and quotes from the twelve lessons from "Teaching, No Greater Call."

Booklet: The Articles of Faith
A small booklet of the Articles of Faith!

Bookmark: Teaching, No Greater Call
These bookmarks make great handouts to help students remember the twelve lessons from, Teaching No Greater Call.

Bookmark: Gospel Principles
This bookmark for making a goal and keeping track of your reading of the Gospel Principles manual.

Chart of the Savior's Last Week
This chart of the Savior's Last Week includes the Atonement, His Death, and Resurrection, which is perfect for your own personal scripture study use or as a handout for a Sunday School, Institute, or Seminary class.

Christ, the Living Water: Bottle Label
This LDS visual aid is a label with a picture of Christ that wraps around a water bottle and says, "Living Water" It also says, "Essential for Eternal Life" and quotes part of D&C 63:23.

Coupon Book
This craft is easy to put together and is perfect for lessons on service, love, or family! There are several coupons to choose from, including a blank coupon to make your own coupons. This craft also makes a perfect handout for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any day!

CTR Pencil Cards
These printable CTR Pencil Cards are perfect handouts to help children Choose the Right and all you need is a pencil!

Easter Bookmarks
This pretty Easter Bookmarks have a picture of the Resurrected Christ and quote the scripture from D&C 76:22. There are four Easter Bookmarks per page and are available in two different colors.

Faith of a Mustard Seed Handout
These cute handouts display the Faith of a Mustard Seed!

Faith Seed Pouch
These fun pouches hold seeds to help teach about faith and are perfect for handouts or as a lesson activity. They also come with a cute set of directions and a scripture on faith.

Father's Day Poem Tie Card
This wonderful Father's Day Poem called "Sugar Daddy" has a tie shaped card and makes a great gift!

Future Missionary Fund Labels
This fun Future Missionary label makes a great handout or visual aid to help children save money for a mission.

Good Habits: Calendar and Bookmark
The best way of changing bad habits is to replace them with good ones. These printable bookmarks and calendar will help you remember and keep your goal as you work to create a good habit.

I am a Child of God Bookmarks
These ready to print bookmarks make great handouts! There are several different ones to choose from both in color and black and white.

Journal Pages
Twelve ready to print journal pages, perfect to help children record their personal history.

LDS Fortunes - Make Your Own LDS Fortune Cookies!
These fun "LDS Fortunes" can be made into cute hand outs. There are 48 different LDS fortunes, three fortune cookie recipes, and a few other ways for using this fun idea.

LDS Primary Envelopes
Use these printable envelopes to help pass out assignments for the talk, scripture, and prayer in your LDS Primary.

LDS Primary: Sunbeam Pencil Cards
These printable Sunbeam Pencil Cards are perfect handouts for welcoming new sunbeams in your LDS Primary and all you need is a pencil!

LDS Relief Society Birthday Pencil Cards
These printable pencil cards are for both the LDS Relief Society Birthday on March 17 as well as Happy Birthday pencil cards for the sisters in your LDS Relief Society.

LDS Young Women Birthday Pencil Cards
These pencil cards are perfect to give to your LDS Young Women for their birthdays. All you need is a pencil!

LDS Young Women Values Pencil Cards
These pencil cards of the LDS Young Women Values make great handouts for New Beginnings, Beehives, or other LDS Young Women.

Lineage of Abraham and Israel
These charts are of the lineage of Terah, Abraham's father and the twelve tribes of Israel, the 12 sons of Jacob, and there are different charts to choose from!

Meal Planning for Two Weeks
Do you struggle with planning meals for your family? I do! These charts are perfect for helping you with meal planning for the next two weeks.

Missionary Shirt and Card
These fun cards are easy to make and can be used for Missionaries, Father's Day, or for your Home Teachers!

Mystery Code
This really isn't a lesson idea, but is a fun way to encrypt messages for your class to decipher.

New Era Posters
New Era Posters, previously known as Mormonads, are perfect visual aids to help you "show" what your lesson is really about. The first ones are from this year with links to the previous years.

Nursery Signs
These cute nursery signs have a picture of the Savior with children and say, Welcome to Nursery! There are 6 different fonts to choose from.

Old Testament Time Line Booklet
An Eight Page Booklet of the Old Testament Time Line that you can print and easily fold together, all it takes is one little cut!

Old Testament Time Line 2
This Old Testament Time Line 2 is from Moses to Solomon.

Old Testament Time Line 3
This Old Testament Time Line is from Solomon to Malachi and is from the Kingdom of Judan and Kingdom of Israel.

Pioneer Coloring Book: The Prayer Quilt
Several years ago my mom, Kate Myers, wrote and drew this adorable pioneer story and coloring book called "The Prayer Quilt" which was derived from the journal entries of several real pioneer girls.

Plan of Salvation Chart
This colorful chart took me many hours to complete but I think it looks great! There are two charts to choose from, one has the Spirit World divided into Paradise and Prison, while the other does not.

Plan of Salvation Poster
This beautiful poster of the Plan of Salvation (also known as the Great Plan of Happiness, Plan of Redemption, Plan of Mercy) is a wonderful visual of where we came from and where we're going.

Prayer Chart
Keep track of your prayers, day by day, with this chart.

President Hinckley's Six Be's: Bookmarks
These ready to print bookmarks of President Hinckley's Six Be's come in two types and several colors.

President Hinckley's Six Be's: Charts
Printable sheets of President Hinckley's Six Be's. Comes in black/white and color.

Primary Welcome Handouts
These cute welcome handouts are great to give to new primary children or to visitors.

Primary: We Miss You Notes
These cute primary notes are great to send to those who are less active. You can use these ideas to make your own for other auxiliaries.

Pyramid: Home and Visiting Teaching
A fun diagram depicting how our relationships should be with our home/visiting teaching companions, the families/sisters we visit, and the Lord.

Relief Society Bookmarks: Charity Never Faileth
These ready to print bookmarks make great handouts for any lesson on charity! I used three scriptures about charity from Moroni 7, from the Book of Mormon, to make these bookmarks.

Scripture Reading Charts
Keep track of your reading, chapter by chapter, with these bookmarks.

Star Chart
A fun chart to help teach children about responsibility.

Stewardship Cycle Chart
This chart visually shows eight parts of the Stewardship Cycle and is an excellent visual aid to help leaders and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as they work to accomplish the mission of the Church.

Sugar Cube Temple
Looking for a fun centerpiece for a visual aid? How about making a Temple or other fun LDS creation out of sugar cubes?

Temple Cards
With over 108 images of LDS Temples these cards are perfect for games and activities.

Ten Commandments Bookmarks
This bookmarks are of the Ten Commandments! There are four per page and there are four different colors to choose from.

Thanksgiving Turkey
This Thanksgiving Turkey is a fun visual aid that is perfect to use before Thanksgiving and comes with an adorable turkey that is ready to download and print.

Vision of the Tree of Life
These printable clipart images are of Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life. They're great for Primary or a Family Home Evening Lesson on the Vision of the Tree of Life.

Visiting Teaching Birthday Pencil Cards
These printable pencil cards are for Visiting Teachers to give to their sisters on their birthdays.

Visiting Teaching Cards
These cute cards are like business cards for Visiting Teaching! You just write the name and phone number for you and your companion before handing them out to your Visiting Teaching sisters.

Young Women: Values and Theme Bookmarks
Here you'll find 24 ready to print bookmarks of the LDS young women theme and values.

Joseph Smith's House and Bedroom
Pictures of where Joseph saw the Angel Moroni for the first time.

Sacred Grove
12 Photos from the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith had his first vision.

Clipart Friend Index
The children's magazine, The Friend, is a wonderful resource of hundreds of LDS clipart images. Find below several categories full of LDS clipart crafts, illustrated stories, games, and much more!

Sheet Music - Ensign
Free LDS sheet music from the Ensign magazine.

Sheet Music - New Era
This musical aid has free LDS sheet music from the New Era magazine.

Christmas Advent Calendar
This beautifully drawn and colored Christmas Advent Calendar is of the Nativity with Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, Wise Men, Shepherds, and more!

Christmas Advent Calendar
This printable Christmas advent calendar comes with cute pictures, wonderful scriptures, and fun activities to help you and your family remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Bookmarks: Lesson Handouts or Christmas Gifts
These ready to print bookmarks make great Christmas gifts or lesson handouts! There are several different ones to choose from both in color and black/white.

LDS Handout: Kryptonite Devotional
This fun lesson and handout on Avoiding Temptation is ready to print and put together. All you need is a bag and some Kryptonite. Thanks to Cheryl Jorgensen for sharing this fun idea!

13 Articles of Faith Memorization Resources
This is a list of printable resources to help with memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith.

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