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Find Visiting Teaching helps including handouts, resources, and motivators that will help increase your Visiting Teaching.
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Better Visiting Teaching
A list of ideas on how to better your visiting teaching including your visits and relationship with your companion.

Visiting Teaching Birthday Pencil Cards
These printable pencil cards are for Visiting Teachers to give to their sisters on their birthdays.

Visiting Teaching Cards
These cute cards are like business cards for Visiting Teaching! You just write the name and phone number for you and your companion before handing them out to your Visiting Teaching sisters.

Visiting Teaching Candy Wrappers: LDS Chocolate Bars
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make wonderful handouts and gifts for Visiting Teaching!

Visiting Teaching Candy Wrappers: LDS SoulSavers
These printable candy wrappers cover lifesavers candies and make great visiting teaching handouts or gifts!

Visiting Teaching Candy Wrappers: LDS Mini Chocolate Wrappers
These printable candy wrappers cover mini chocolate bars (Hershey's brand) and make great handouts or inexpensive gifts for your Visiting Teaching Sisters!

Visiting Teaching: Circle
A 16 step pie to help your visiting teaching program shine!

Visiting Teaching: Conference Handouts
A simple yet spiritual handout perfect for Visiting Teaching conferences, submitted by Nina.

Visiting Teaching: Court Skit
This humorous visiting teaching skit takes place in a court and has several parts, perfect to bring the sisters together. Submitted by Sister Beverley Ramsay.

Visiting Teaching: "Do It" Reminder
A magnetic heart with a sign reminding you to do your visiting teaching.

Visiting Teaching: Dressed to Serve
A cute Visiting Teaching paper doll with sayings for each article of clothing. Makes a fabulous Visiting Teaching handout!

Visiting Teaching: For the Soul
A skit to help us with Visiting Teaching, by Coral Anna Foster.

Home and Visiting Teaching Jeopardy Game
This Home and Visiting Teaching Jeopardy Game is perfect for an Elder's Quorum or ward activity!

Visiting Teaching: Poem
Share this Visiting Teaching poem with a flower (real or silk) to help touch your sisters' hearts.

Visiting Teaching Pyramid
A fun diagram depicting how our relationships should be with our visiting teaching companions, the sisters we visit, and the Lord.

Visiting Teaching: Sister Sing
This humorous visiting teaching song is a comedy of sisters who need help and sisters that are just too busy to take the time. This visiting teaching resource is by Sister Beverley Ramsay.

Visiting Teaching Skit: A Sister Act
A fun skit to show the importance of Visiting Teaching, perfect for a Relief Society celebration, or Visiting Teaching conference.

Visiting Teaching: The Stewardship Cycle
The Stewardship Cycle is an effective visual aid showing the ongoing steps of our responsibilities with home teaching, visiting teaching, and other church callings. This cycle can also apply to our stewardship as parents, grandparents, etc.

LDSTeach.com - Visiting Teaching Experiences
Personal experiences and testimonies from visiting teachers and the sisters they visit.

Visiting Teaching Info
Inspirational helps for visiting teaching such as conference ideas, poems, quotes, and more.

Visiting Teaching Tool: Return and Report
This is a free tool that helps visiting teaching leaders by sending out email reminders to teachers. Optionally this tool can also be used to report visiting teaching results.

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