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LDS Temples

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) builds and operates temples all over the world. Eternal ordinances for both the living and the dead are performed inside temples, only by the LDS faithful with permission to enter. Baptisms for the dead as well as eternal marriages for the living are just some of the ordinances performed in LDS temples. Discover the purpose of temples and the importance they have in the LDS faith.
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Definition of LDS Temple
What is a Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Find out in this definition of LDS Temples.

What is an LDS Temple?
What is an LDS temple and what do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do there? Who can enter a temple? Learn about LDS temples including ordinances, covenants, clothing, worthiness, and more.

What Ordinances are Performed in LDS Temples?
In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sacred ordinances are performed by the proper priesthood authority, some of which are performed in LDS Temples. Learn about the two types of ordinances and which ones are performed in LDS Temples.

Eight Reasons Why LDS Temples are Important
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints focuses on building LDS temples, but why? Why are temples so important to Latter-day Saints? This list is of the top eight reasons why LDS temples are important.

What is a Temple Marriage?
What does it mean to have a temple marriage? Why do Mormons get married in temples? And how can a family be together forever and not just until death do you part?

Dating and Courtship: How to Know Who to Marry
Learn how to build a strong relationship through dating and courtship such as becoming best friends, choosing the right person, and building a foundation upon Jesus Christ.

Can Mormons Divorce?
Can Mormons divorce? Yes, members who've had a Temple marriage, or been sealed in a Mormon temple, can have a temple divorce. This process is called a temple sealing cancellation. Learn how Mormons divorce and who can apply for a temple sealing cancellation.

Temple Divorce: How to Apply for a Temple Sealing Cancellation
A temple divorce is called a temple sealing cancellation but how do you apply for one? After a person has been married in a temple, goes through a divorce, and is ready to be sealed for all eternity to a new spouse they are ready to request that their previous temple sealing be canceled.

How to Have an Eternal Family
Returning to God's presence and becoming an eternal family is the main purpose of God's plan of salvation. Learn how to have an eternal family so you, your spouse and your children can be together forever.

What are LDS Garments or Mormon Underwear?
One of the things people sometimes hear about members of the LDS Church is that we wear a strange underclothing, some kind of Mormon underwear. What they are referring to is the LDS garment, but what is it?

How Has the Temple Blessed Your Life?
These personal stories are from site visitors who've shared with us why the temple is important to them and how the temple has blessed their lives. After reading these stories remember to share your own experiences of how the temple has blessed your life.

10 Ways to Spiritually Prepare to Enter LDS Temples
Before entering LDS temples we should spiritually prepare ourselves to receive additional understanding. This list is of ten ways we can better prepare ourselves to be spiritually ready to enter LDS temples.

LDS Temple: Nauvoo, A Symbol of Sacrifice
Learn more about the first LDS Temple in Nauvoo, the sacrifice of the early saints, and the rebuilding of this beautiful LDS temple over 150 years later.

LDS Temple: Nauvoo Bell
The Nauvoo bell, near the LDS Temple, is a symbol of religious freedom in our land... a reminder that "our nation and our community owes its existence to our trust in God."

LDS Temple: Salt Lake Temple
The LDS Temple located in downtown Salt Lake City has a marvelous history. To the pioneers who settled the Salt Lake Valley, the LDS temple was more than just a matter of functional design or conceptual convenience. Find out how the LDS temple was a symbol of their faith and devotion to the Lord.

Rededication of the Freiberg Germany LDS Temple
This LDS temple in Freiberg Germany is the only LDS temple to be built in a communist country.

LDS Temple Announcement: Manhattan NY
A small LDS temple is built in downtown Manhattan, New York in the style of the Hong Kong LDS Temple.

LDS Temples to be Built in Panama and Brazil
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that two LDS Temples would be built in Panama City, Panama (where I served my mission) and Curitiba, Brazil. Find out more about this LDS Temple announcement.

The House of the Lord: LDS Temples
The Church's official LDS temple site which includes a listing of events, notices, and information for individual LDS temples such as locations and schedules.

LDS Temples at LDSChurchTemples.com
Not an official site of the Church, but a great resource for LDS temple news, a listing of all LDS temples in alphabetical, chronological, or geographical order. There's even a list of LDS temple trivia and free screen savers.

Kirtland LDS Temple
The LDS temple in Kirtland is no longer owned by the Church. It is currently operated by the Community of Christ formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This site contains a brief history of the LDS temple, photos, tourist information and more.

The Spirit of the LDS Temple
This site sells beautiful prints of the LDS Temples by Terry Springer.

Our Responsibilities as Heavenly Father's Covenant People

Covenants Made Simple

Classic Books Every LDS Member Should Read
The following list is a compilation of all the classic books, not officially written by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) but essential for any LDS Member's library.

Covenants Made Simple

Mormon Wedding! What Do I Do?

Founding Fathers' Temple Work Complete

Should Drones Be Flown Over Temples?
Drones flown over LDS (Mormon) temples could conceivably capture images never seen before, but photographers should seek Church permission first.

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