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Read real stories and fiction writings from other members of the church who share their spiritual, humorous, uplifting, and moving experiences. NOTE: These submissions may or may not reflect LDS beliefs.

Share How You Converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
All members of the Church, whether long term members or recent converts, have their own conversion story. How did you come to know the Church is true? Was your conversion a slow and steady process, or did a specific event or experience convert you to the gospel of Jesus Christ? Read other's conversion stories too. See submissions See submissions

Success Stories: How I Met My Spouse Through LDS Dating Online
These personal LDS Dating stories are from site visitors who've shared with us how LDS Dating online worked for them. After reading these stories remember to share your own experience (if applicable) of why you tried online dating and how you met your spouse online through an LDS dating site. See submissions See submissions

Share Your Story: How the Temple Has Blessed My Life
Share your personal experiences of how the temple has blessed your life or why the temple is important to you. You can also submit a couple of photos of your favorite temple, a temple near you, or a picture of you and your family at the temple. See submissions See submissions

Short Story Writing Contest Winners
The Short Story Writing Contest is now over. Read the winning stories, rate them in our online poll or submit your own story to be posted here!

Christmas Stories: The True Meaning of Christmas
The true meaning of Christmas is different for everyone, for some it means spending the Christmas season with family and friends, remembering the birth of Christ, enjoying traditions, or giving service to those in need. Here are personal experiences and stories of those who learned the true meaning of Christmas.

The Courage of Ignorance
A sister missionary's trial with a rat! by Rachel Woods

Adventures with a Dog named Nephi
A fictitious story submitted by J. Thomas Hart about a man, his dog named Nephi, and a spiritual prompting.

A Flower For Your Thoughts
A true, uplifting story submitted by Kathryn Jones about helping a friend in need.

Ewe Know
A humorous experience submitted by Ron Johnston about a Sister Missionary and some sheep.

Look in the Mirror
A true story submitted by Mark Osterloh about an important lesson he learned about not judging others.

Realistic Dream
A true story submitted by Bryan Polk about his struggle with obesity and the uplifting turning point in his life.

Wheat for Man
A funny, true story submitted by Denna L. Coburn about her childhood trial with wheat mush.

Answered Prayers
An uplifting, true story submitted by Lorraine about how her life long prayers had been answered.

Wounds Unseen
A true, uplifting story submitted by Joanne Stevenson Kapp about her brother being sent to war.

Growing Concerns
A new short story submitted by Julie Smith, this true story shares a touching experience she and her son had when they moved as a family to Armenia.

Prayer Works
A humorous true story submitted by John about how a certain prayer was answered on his mission.

The Danger of Grandchildren
A true story submitted by John Foster about his adventures (and trials) with his adorable grandson. This hilarious story is sure to make you chuckle!

Jesus Save Us
A true story submitted by Janice Porter about her visit to former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.

My Testimony Continues to Grow
A true story submitted by Kathy Henry about her growing testimony.

"Keep Out!"
A true story submitted by Dawn Landrum about Satan trying to keep her family from the Gospel.

Towards the Real
An uplifting, fictitious story submitted by Vanessa Huff about a woman and her experiences as a mother.

The Work's Most Powerful Tool
A true story submitted by Christopher Duffey about Rosita's smoking problem.

Run Away Mom
A true story submitted by Lisa Anderson about the trial of comparing yourself to others.

The Book I Never Read
A true, spiritual story submitted by Crystal Frazer about the book she never read.

A Taste of Eternity
A humorous, true story submitted by Louis Floyd about his church experience as a child.

Church Basketball: The Brawl That Begins With Prayer
Ron Johnston's humorous experiences throughout his life with Church basketball.

Change of Heart
A true story submitted by Tonya Aghas about the change she made in her life.

Where the Sea Ends
A submitted story by Darlene Nimmons about the gaining of a testimony of Christ.

Song of Light
A short story submitted by Vanessa Huff about the example of her little daughter, Charly.

The True Meaning of Christmas (Three Part Article)
Find personal experiences and stories for all ages from those who have learned the true meaning of Christmas.

The Journey Home
A Parable of Life's Journey Home, by John Edwards - About LDS Associate, Perfect for Talks and Lessons. "One of the best latter-day parables I have read." -Rachel Woods

The Café
New fictitious short story submitted by Ieuan Dolby about a person's dream of owning a café.

The King of the Jews
A fictitious story submitted by Jeremiah Brenning about the trial and crucifixion of Jesus.

Why is it Always Me?
A fictitious story submitted by Erica Rogers about an experience at school.

A fictitious story submitted by 15 year-old Alisha about a girl and her father's drinking problem after her mother's death.

A Matter Of Faith And Honor (Or A Modern Day Cumorah)
A fictitious story submitted by Jerri Wilmoth about the last war before the second coming of Christ.

The Truth Shall Set You Free
A true story submitted by Lake Leafty about how the Spirit turned his life around and helped him find the truth.

And Then I Woke Up!
A true story submitted by Lisa Stinson about her conversion to the gospel.

A Conversion in England
A true story submitted by Maxine Conrad about the spiritual conversion of her and her family in England.

Through Laurel's Eyes
A fictitious story submitted by Sarah Lea about a young man's life touching relationship with a girl named Laurel.

The Lonely Recruit
A true story submitted by Linda Contreras about young recruits greeted by their families at the end of boot camp.

Inspirational Stories
A list of links to inspirational stories. They may be fiction/non-fiction but are still good stories.

A fictitious story submitted by Chrysti Reichert about Christ-like qualities we should have.

Information for all writers, with inspiration and support based on the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are a lot of wonderful articles here, a site work bookmarking.

LDS Fiction & Free Youth Short Stories
Anne Bradshaw is an LDS, Christian fiction writer. This author's books, Terracotta Summer, and its sequel, Chamomile Winter, are touching and satisfying novels set in the British Isles; intrigue with romance and family values.

Trust in God: The Tandem Bike Story
The story of the tandem bike is an excellent example of how we struggle to control our lives verses trusting God and allowing Him to take the lead.

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