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Singing Time: I Will Follow God's Plan


This idea has ready-to-print clipart images to help teach this song, #164 in the Children's Songbook, during singing time.

Preparation: Print, cut and laminate the pictures to go with this song. I have two A1 sized posters and have attached the pictures with blue-tak. Page 1 and 2 are back to back, as are page 3 and 4. Page 1 has the heading "MY LIFE". Page 2 has the heading "MY CHOICE" and both pages 3 & 4 have the heading "I WILL". You will need to be familiar with the song and know what order the pictures are to be placed on the posters. Of course you don’t need to use posters you can just use the board.

PDF Files Suggestions on using posters to teach this song:
  1. Stick one picture under each chair in the room and have the children find them; or if you don’t want them to be playing with the blue-tak while you’re teaching then just hand out the pictures at the start of the lesson.
  2. Tell the children you will sing the song to them but you’re going to stop every time there is a picture that matches the last word you just sang. Ask the children to listen to see if their picture matches the word you just sang. As you sing place the pictures in order on the poster or board.
  3. You can complete the song using step 2 or you can just do one section at a time. When you finish the song or the section teach the children the words by getting them to repeat the words after you and then sing the song together.
  4. Take some time to explain the three headings used throughout the song and help the children understand what the message of this song is all about. Be sure that the children understand the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus on the first page.
  5. To help the children learn what the pictures represent, sing the song to the children but make them sing the words that match the pictures.
  6. After a week or two you could ask the children to remove some of the pictures to make it harder for them. Or place the pictures in the wrong order and get the children to correct them.
Submitted by: Rebecca Jack (This resource was made using the idea from January’s Friend magazine.)

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