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Singing Time: Follow the Prophet Additional Verses


The following are additional verses to the Primary Song, "Follow the Prophet" which were submitted by Lisa Ellis. There are verses for Nephi from the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith from the Restoration, and Gordon B. Hinckley from the Latter-days.

Follow the Prophet Additional Verses
NEPHI was a prophet. He chose to obey
All of the commandments, that the Lord did say.
Nephi was courageous, valiant, and true.
What the Lord commanded, he would go and do. (Chorus)

Then came the Restoration. JOSEPH sought the Lord.
He restored the fullness of the Savior's word.
The Book of Mormon teaches all that we must be
To come unto the Savior; the Gospel is the key. (Chorus)

President Hinckley is our prophet; his words are from the Lord
When we heed his council, we are in accord.
Be Grateful, True, and Humble; Be Prayerful, Clean and Smart
He says that we'll be happy; just take the "B's" to heart.

(Alternate modern-day prophet verse)
Now we have a prophet, in the latter-day,
He is here to guide us in so many ways.
If we choose to follow all that he may say,
We will have the Spirit with us every day. (Chorus)

Thanks Lisa for sharing these fun Singing Time Verses! Find other ideas in the Singing Time category.

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