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Singing Time

Find Singing Time resources to help teach your LDS primary children the beautiful songs. Most of these fabulous ideas come with ready to print clipart, making your Singing Time preparation quick, easy, yet fun.
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LDS Church Manuals: Music
Available LDS Church Manuals of Music including the Hymns and the Primary's Children's Songbook.

Singing Time - Apple Pie
A fun singing time idea that can also be used to teach the children how to conduct. Comes with Clipart! Submitted by Cindy Glunt.

Singing Time - Balloon Toss
Help your LDS primary children REALLY learn the words to a new song with this game.

Singing Time - Barn Yard Guess
A creative idea to help children learn a new song. Submitted by Emily.

Singing Time - Baseball Game
An easy way to help your LDS primary practice their songs, especially the boys. Submitted by Vickie Bowen.

Singing Time: Button, Button
This Family Home Evening Game can be easily adapted to Singing Time by having the children sing louder when the child looking for the button is getting closer and softer when they are farther away.

Singing Time: Children All Over the World
These pictures go with the Primary song, Children All Over the World, and will help your Primary children sing this Thank You song during singing time.

Singing Time Letters: Choose the Right
These fun Singing Time letters spell the word "Right" which you can download and print. You can use these letters when practicing or learning new Primary songs or when teaching about the importance of choosing the right.

Singing Time - Cut-Off Game
Help your LDS Primary children learn to follow the director. Submitted by Jeni Norris.

Singing Time - Flowers
Perfect during Spring and Summer but still fun any time of the year!

Singing Time: Follow the Prophet Additional Verses
This Singing Time idea is of additional verses to the Primary Song, Follow the Prophet, including ones for Nephi from the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith from the Restoration, and Gordon B. Hinckley from the Latter-days.

Singing Time - Gone Fishing
A really fun way to help children sing well. Comes with ready to print clipart!

Singing Time - Hat Game
An easy way to practice new or well known songs.

Singing Time - Hot and Cold
An easy way to involve the entire group of children when singing. Submitted by Emily.

Singing Time: Hot Potato
A fun way to practice LDS primary songs during singing time!

Singing Time: I Will Follow God's Plan
These clipart images help teach the LDS Primary song, I Will Follow God's Plan and are perfect for Singing Time. This singing time resource also comes with some teaching ideas.

Singing Time - Hum, Whistle, or Sing
Fun visual aids to grab their attention. They'll learn the songs without even knowing it.

Singing Time - Ice Cream Cone
This fun idea will help children to sing the very best they can. Submitted by Bonnie Whitaker.

Singing Time Idea: Music Flower
Use this adorable flower in your LDS primary during singing time to help your children practice and learn new songs.

Singing Time: Magic Potion
The Magic Potions either turn a color of the rainbow or magically fizz! Use this singing time idea to practice one primary song or several different ones.

Singing Time: Music Tree
Do you need a new idea to help your LDS primary children learn and practicing their primary songs? Try this fun music tree idea during your next primary singing time.

Singing Time: Mini Candy Bars
A creative way to pick LDS primary songs to sing during singing time.

Singing Time - Instruments
Easy and simple ideas for making/using interactive musical instruments. Submitted by Cindy Foxcroft.

Singing Time - Music Box
Remove those distractions in a fun and easy way!

Singing Time - Musical Note
A sound meter to help the children watch the director when singing.

Singing Time - Musical Notes
(This idea is different from the one above.) Similar to musical chairs, without the running around, this idea works great to have children learn a bit about how music works and is great for practicing songs. Comes with ready to print clipart! Submitted by Wendy.

Singing Time - Mystery Song
A very easy way to motivate your class to sing their very best.

Singing Time - Place the Bow on the Present
This idea is a variation of the Hot/Cold game that involves teachers. It's a great idea to use when practicing songs for the Sacrament Presentation.

Singing Time - Rain, Clouds, and Raindrops
An interactive idea to help involve everyone.

Singing Time - Saturday
A clever way to teach the LDS Primary song, Saturday.

Singing Time - Shy Guy
Helps children to sing reverently, even with the rowdy songs.

Singing Time - Sing Like A...
A fun way to help children really learn the words to a song. Comes with Clipart! Submitted by Sarah Cluff.

Singing Time - Singing Cube
A fun way to involve the children when singing and learning new songs, submitted by Cindy Glunt. Comes with Clipart!

Singing Time: SINGO
This great Singing Time game by Kasi Taylor is perfect for older primary children. It's a lot like BINGO except you put one word in each square from the songs you've been learning during the year.

Singing Time - Singing Hat
A fabulous way to help those kids pay attention and sing! Submitted by Bonnie Whitaker.

Singing Time: Song Marathon
When you need to review several songs with primary children, such as for the primary sacrament presentation, this is a good Singing Time idea!

Singing Time - Stop and Go
Another fun idea to help teach LDS Primary songs, comes with ready to print Clipart!

Singing Time - Super Singers
This is sure to help get those kids to sing, even if they don't know the words!

Singing Time: Thanksgiving Turkey
Need a Thanksgiving Singing Time idea? Then use this Thanksgiving Turkey! You can use it in Primary for the entire month leading up to Thanksgiving.

Singing Time - Temple Windows
Helps the children "Visualize" themselves at the temple. Submitted by Jackie Goddard.

Singing Time: Treasure Map Puzzle
This fun LDS Primary idea for Singing Time shows children the path to heaven as they put the Treasure Map Puzzle together.

Singing Time - Tree and Leaves
Great for the Fall but still fun year round.

Singing Time: Unlock the Treasure
This fun idea was submitted by Tonya Neilson and is a clever way to have your primary children sing well during singing time!

LDS Music: Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make wonderful handouts and gifts! Just scroll down to LDS Music.

Singing Time: LDS Humor Comic #3
This funny comic is based on a primary song!

Singing Time: LDS Humor Comic #8
This fun LDS humor comic is about a popular primary song!

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