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Sharing Time

Find great Sharing Time lesson ideas including visual aids, clipart, games, puzzles, and more. These fabulous resources will make your Sharing Time easy to plan.
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Sharing Time - Armor of God
This interactive lesson is a great way to help children learn what the Armor of God is and what each piece of the armor represents.

Sharing Time: Atonement
A visual lesson with ready-to-print clipart that teaches about the Atonement, perfect for Sharing Time or Family Home Evening lessons.

Sharing Time - Creation
This hands on lesson teaches children the importance of God's creation. Submitted by Cindy Foxcroft.

Sharing Time - Faith Cookies
This hands on lesson teaches how faith works and was submitted by Alissa Bright.

Sharing Time - Family Home Evening Lessons
This idea helps children learn a lesson and activity to share in their next Family Home Evening.

Sharing Time - Family Puzzle
A fun sharing time activity to help teach the importances of families.

Sharing Time - Family Tree
A fun activity to teach children about their family or genealogy, comes with clipart!

Sharing Time - Father's/Mother's Day
Although this idea is for Father's/Mother's day it also works great for any lesson on families and appreciating parents. Submitted by Christal.

Sharing Time - Follow Him in Faith
This object lesson submitted by Lisa helps teach about faith.

Sharing Time - Miracle of the Fishes
A creative way to teach faith through the miracle of the fishes. Submitted by Heather.

Sharing Time - Missionary Tags
Just like the tags the missionaries wear, primary children will love these member missionary tags that are ready to print and use.

Sharing Time - Plan of Salvation
This lesson comes with ready to print clipart images of the Plan of Salvation and is also in PDF format.

Sharing Time - Remember and Follow Jesus
A memory game to help children learn ways to remember and follow the Savior. Comes with clipart!

Sharing Time - Teachings of the Prophets
This idea, adapted from the Sharing Time manual, is perfect for gospel principles taught by our leaders.

Sharing Time - Testimony Hands
A great way to help children understand how to share their testimonies. This can either be a hand out (pun intended) or a craft activity.

Sharing Time: Thanksgiving Turkey
Need a Thanksgiving Sharing Time idea? Then use this Thanksgiving Turkey! You can use it in Primary for the entire month leading up to Thanksgiving.

Sharing Time - Time Machine
A creative way to help children learn gospel truths through this very visual and interactive Sharing Time idea.

Sharing Time - Tithing
An object lesson to help illustrate the law of tithing.

Singing Time: Treasure Map Puzzle
Although originally created for Singing Time, this Treasure Map Puzzle is perfect for a Sharing Time lesson on the true treasures of heaven.

Sharing Time - Two Masters
This lesson illustrates the truth of the scripture, "No man can serve two masters" through fun experiments.

Sharing Time: Vision of the Tree of Life
These printable images are of Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life and comes with a great LDS Primary lesson to teach about choosing the right.

Sharing Time - Friend Index
These Sharing Time lessons come with games, ideas, songs, and other great resources to help you plan a great lesson.

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