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Seminary-Tools and Resources

Helpful ideas and resources for the LDS Seminary program including Scripture Mastery memorization helps and more.
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Scripture Mastery Scriptures: Book of Mormon
All 25 Seminary Scripture Mastery Scriptures for the Book of Mormon.

Scripture Mastery Scriptures: Doctrine and Covenants
All 25 Seminary Scripture Mastery Scriptures for the Doctrine and Covenants.

Scripture Mastery Scriptures: New Testament
All 25 Seminary Scripture Mastery Scriptures for the New Testament.

Scripture Mastery Scriptures: Old Testament
All 25 Seminary Scripture Mastery Scriptures for the Old Testament.

12 Ways to Study the Scriptures
Learn to more effectively study the scriptures for LDS Seminary with these great ideas. There are lots of pictures and examples to help illustrate each idea, including: Color Coding, Pictures and Stickers, Word Definitions, and much more!

LDS Seminary and Institute Programs
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has many programs and resources to help increase our education, especially for youth and the Church Education System (CES) has both seminary and institute programs available world wide.

LDS Seminary D&C Memorization Tool
Memorize the Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Scriptures for LDS Seminary with this Java applet. If you practice one D&C Mastery Scripture each week you can have them all memorized after 25 weeks!

LDS Seminary Scripture Mastery Songs
Download Free songs to help you memorize the LDS Seminary Scripture Mastery Scriptures!

LDS Seminary Scripture Reading Charts
Keep track of your LDS Seminary scripture reading, chapter by chapter, with these bookmarks.

LDS Seminary Scripture Study Calculator
Set your LDS Seminary study goals by figuring out how many pages or chapters to study each day with these three easy steps.

LDS Seminary SoulSavers Wrappers
There are some LDS Seminary wrappers to cover lifesaver candies which make great handouts or mini gifts!

LDS Seminary Tool: The Hearsay Game
The HearSay Game is a DVD game that you can play either with your DVD player or on a computer with a DVD drive. A perfect LDS Seminary tool!

LDS Seminary Tool: Virtual Historian D&C Review
A review of Virtual Historian: Doctrine and Covenants which is an interactive, multimedia program that contains over 100 photographs of Historical Church Locations, biographies on everyone mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants, historical backgrounds on each section, maps, a timeline, and all the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. Perfect for LDS Seminary teachers and students.

LDS Seminary: Chocolate Bar Wrappers
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make perfect handouts and gifts for your LDS Seminary students!

LDS Seminary: Mini Chocolate Wrappers
These printable candy wrappers cover mini chocolate bars (Hershey's brand) and make great handouts or inexpensive gifts for your LDS Seminary students!

Poll: Did You Attend an LDS School?
Have you ever attended an LDS College or University, even if it was for just a semester? If so what was your experience? Did you enjoy it? If you didn't, why not?

Poll: How many Years of Seminary did you Attend?
For those of you who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in your teens, please vote in this latest poll.

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