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Relief Society Newsletter

An example of putting together a Relief Society Newsletter.


Relief Society Newsletter Example

Relief Society Newsletter Example

I love being our ward's Relief Society Newsletter Editor and thought I would share an example of one of the newsletter's I've made. Just open the image files below to see what the front and back of the example looks like! We call our Relief Society Newsletter, "Sister to Sister" which I think is very nice.

Relief Society Newsletter: (JPG Picture Files)Notes:
  1. Each week the Relief Society Newsletter is a bit different as past events/birthdays/lessons are removed and new ones are added.
  2. When I have a lot of announcements, thanks you's, and sympathy notes then I use less graphics, but when I have more room I add more pictures and quotes to fill up any dead space.
  3. I print the newsletter in black and white, and then copy it onto colored paper, since we make a lot of copies each week.
  4. Enough copies of the Relief Society Newsletter are included with the roll for each sister in Young Women and Primary, this is a great way to keep them notified of what's happening in Relief Society and to not feel so left out.
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