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Odd People by Shirley Bahlmann

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Odd People by Shirley Bahlmann

The Bottom Line

"Odd People," by Shirley Bahlmann, is a book about the Pioneers and the Native Americans. It has short stories, some of them from the view of the pioneers and others from the view of the Native Americans. It shows their friendships and feuds.


  • Fun stories about the pioneer time
  • Interesting facts about the Native Americans


  • Not all of the stories are very good
  • Couldn't tell fact from fiction


  • Written by Shirley Bahlmann
  • Has 185 pages
  • Has 23 short stories about how the pioneers and Native Americans interacted.

Guide Review - Odd People by Shirley Bahlmann

I thought this book was interesting and learned some different things about the Native Americans. One thing that I learned was that people have different laws and what one person thinks in wrong is not wrong to another. That caused many of the conflicts with the Native Americans. I enjoyed this book but it was not one of the best that I have read.

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