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How to Date Your Wife by Stan Cronin: LDS Book Review

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How to Date Your Wife by Stan Cronin

How to Date Your Wife by Stan Cronin


The Bottom Line

This book, by Stan Cronin, is a great guide for keeping the love alive in your marriage. It has many dating ideas from weekly dates, yearly dates, and an every 5-year getaway. It even has every day ideas for making your wife feel loved. From the introduction, "This book is to be a guide, first to increase your awareness of your dating habits. Second, it is a resource of ideas for improving your dating habits."


  • Full of great ideas
  • Written for anyone to read, LDS or not
  • Written for anyone to apply and understand


  • Couldn't find any


  • Book is written by Stan Cronin (a police officer of the Phoenix Police Department)
  • After seeing many families fall apart Mr. Cronin decided to write this book to help save families.
  • Based from about a 1000 surveys he sent to women across the country asking about marriage and dating
  • This book contains 22 chapters, the first being "Dating Defined" and the last "How to use this book"
  • There are "Fifty-two ideas for successful Dating and Marital Harmony" to apply every week

Guide Review - How to Date Your Wife by Stan Cronin: LDS Book Review

This is a great book. For the last few years my husband and I have been counseled by many church leaders to make sure we go out weekly. My husband made the comment the other night that people thought it was strange when he was hurrying home to take his wife on a date. As I visit with friends I know we are not the only couple encouraged to date weekly. This book explains the importance of that weekly date and then helps with the how. I think every husband should read this book and the divorce rate would decline. It is well written and reminds us of the reasons we got married and that we should continue to court each other. As a woman I even got many ideas on how to help my husband feel loved. I am very blessed to have a husband who follows the principles of this book but reading this book made me realize that there are many others who are not so blessed. This is a book to share with all of our friends and would make a great wedding gift. A must read for all.
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