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Primary Games

Find fun Primary games and other activities to entertain children. Some of these primary games are perfect for quite times indoor and others are better as outdoor activities.
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Primary Game: 1-100 Dice
To play this primary game just roll the right number, grab the paper and pen, write 1 to 100 before your turn ends.

Primary Game: 15 Latter-day Prophets
In this primary game match the first names of the 15 Latter-day Prophets with their last names.

Primary Game: Animals
A hilariously fun but silent primary game played with hand signs imitating animals.

Primary Game: Apostle Flash Cards
Can you name all the current Apostles? Use these flash cards to test your knowledge, or print two sets to play this memory primary game.

Primary Game: Balloon Volley Ball
Keep the balloon moving to increase your rating with this cool primary game.

Primary Game: Bigger or Better
A scavenger hunt primary game, perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity.

Primary Game: Bingo
From the general conference activities this primary game has four different bingo boards plus bingo stickers you can print out and play.

Primary Game: Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt
In this primary game have children read scripture references and decipher clues to get to the treasure!

Primary Game: Candy Bar/Toy Game
Roll the right number, guess who's got the bar, hide it quick or you wont get far. One of my favorite childhood primary games.

Primary Game: Cat and Rat
With this primary game don't get caught with both ties or you'll have to do something silly!

Primary Game: Categories
It's the do-it-yourself Scategories. Get the most points and you're the winner in this primary game.

Primary Game: Crossword Puzzles
Each puzzle comes with two different versions, ones you can do online or ones you can print and use at home or church. Play these fun primary games in groups or by yourself.

Primary Game: Do You Love Your Neighbor?
In this primary game if your neighbor loves you you'll have to be quick or you'll be "it".

Primary Game: Don't Eat the Prophet
Guess the correct answer and win candies to enjoy this primary game.

Primary Game: Dot-to-Dot Pictures
These simple pictures are perfect for younger children including nursery age. For a fun primary game they can put the dot-to-dot together and then color the picture.

Primary Game: Figure What Food
Try to guess what food is being fed to you when you play this primary game.

Primary Game: First Presidency and 12 Apostles Word Search
Find all the first and last names of the current Church leaders in this primary game.

Primary Game: First Presidency and 12 Apostles
Match the first names of the Prophet and Apostles with their last names in this primary game.

Primary Game: Friend Index
The LDS children's magazine, The Friend, is a wonderful resource and this index includes some fun primary games!

Primary Game: Friends
This primary game is perfect for lessons or activities on charity and friend-shipping.

Primary Game: Funny Feet
This primary game makes you guess who's feet are who's. It's sure to make you laugh!

Primary Game: Get To Know You
Get to know each other with this fun and quick primary game. Perfect for group activities or family get togethers.

Primary Game: I've Never...
A great primary game to really get to know your friends and family. It's quick and fun, with lots of laughs!

Primary Game: Latter-day Prophets Word Search
In this primary game you complete the word search by finding all the first and last names of the 15 Latter-day Prophets.

Primary Game: Latter-day Prophets
This is a memory type primary game to match the two pictures of the 15 Latter-day Prophets, which comes with two different sizes of pictures to print.

Primary Game: Lego Scriptionary
Build gospel related objects out of Legos in this primary game.

Primary Game: Lights Out Hide 'n Seek
Play this variation to Hide and Seek with this primary game.

Primary Game: Mazes
Here are a bunch of fun primary game mazes that range in level of difficulty for different age groups including: easy, medium, and difficult.

Primary Game: Mystery Code
You can use this code to encrypt and decipher messages to make a fun primary game.

Primary Game: Name that Prophet
Be the first to guess the prophet to win a reward with this primary game.

Primary Game: Nephi's Boat
Just print and cutout the cards for this fun primary game. Help Nephi build his boat, but be careful that you don't murmur!

Primary Game: Play Dough Pictionary
A guessing primary game using play dough and category words. Great for a group of children or with your family.

Primary Game: Prophet Bingo
Bingo cards made from pictures of the 15 prophets. Ready to print, cut out, and use in this fun primary game!

Primary Game: Remember and Follow Jesus
This primary game is from the Sharing Time Lesson index, but is a fun one, perfect for any group. It comes with clipart!

Primary Game: Ring on a String
Pass the ring on the string and the "it" person tries to guess who's got the ring with this primary game.

Primary Game: Run, Run, As Fast As You Can
To play this primary game grab the toy in the center of the room and return home without getting tagged.

Primary Game: Sardines
This primary game is a modified version of hide-and-seek, with a fun twist that will keep your family or group playing for hours!

Primary Game: Snort
A children's primary game where you try to make the other players laugh.

Primary Game: Sock Wars
Be the last person with socks with this crazy primary game!

Primary Game: Spoon and Fork
An outrageously fun primary game for any group to play!

Primary Game: Squeak, Piggy, Squeak
Can you guess who's the pig squeaker while being blindfolded in this primary game?

Primary Game: Squiggles
To play this primary game take your neighbor's squiggle drawing and make it look like something else. It's lots of fun for everyone!

Primary Game: States
Pick a State and when you're State is named say someone else's State before getting whacked in this fun primary game.

Primary Game: Tap Hands
A fun group primary game that takes concentration and focus to keep you in.

Primary Game: Thimble
Try NOT to guess the hidden word or you'll get wet in this little primary game.

Primary Game: Three's a Crowd
Run, run as fast as you can, and link an elbow before you're tagged! One of my favorite childhood primary games.

Primary Game: Two Truths and a Lie
In this primary game try to guess which of the three "facts" about the person is false.

Primary Game: Uniquely You
A fun get to know you primary game, perfect for both old and new friends alike.

Primary Game: Vegetables
Be the last one in the primary game that hasn't revealed their teeth.

Primary Game: Working Together
With a large group of people this primary game will have everyone laughing.

Primary Game: Wrapped Candy Bar
To play this primary game just roll the right number, get a chance to eat the chocolate bar, but hurry before your turn is up.

Primary Game Review: Ark of the Covenant
The Ark of the Covenant is based on the popular board game, Carcassonne, which won the 2001 Game of the Year award. This LDS version uses prophets, followers, temples, and of course The Ark of the Covenant. This would make a really fun primary game, I sure enjoy it!

Primary Game Review: Settlers of Zarahemla
The Settlers of Zarahemla is based on the popular, Settles of Catan, using a Book of Mormon theme involving building settlements, cities, roads, and the temple while the Gadianton Robbers steal your resources. This makes a great primary game for older children.

Primary Game Review: LDS Do You Know
LDS Do You Know is a question and answer computer primary game that's easy to install and play! It makes a great group primary game but can be played by just one person as well.

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