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Should I Share My Food Storage?

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness


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Sometimes we wonder if we should share our food storage in times of need with those who have not saved. Here's what Brother Vaughn J. Featherstone had to say about sharing our food storage:
"'Do I share with my neighbors who have not followed the counsel? And what about the nonmembers who do not have a years supply? Do we have to share with them?' No, we don't have to share—we get to share! Let us not be concerned about silly thoughts of whether we would share or not. Of course we would share! What would Jesus do? I could not possibly eat food and see my neighbors starving. And if you starve to death after sharing, 'greater love hath no man than this...' John 15:13" ("Food Storage," Ensign, May 1976, 116).
Giving of ourselves is often easy during times of plenty, but giving during our own times of need is a much greater sacrifice and greater opportunity for us to have (and practice) charity for others.

If you haven't yet begun, or are looking for additional help, don't give up, you can learn how to start a food storage and keep it going- it's like laundry.

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