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Mormon Pioneers

Learn more about the early Mormon pioneers including their conversion, persecution, and trail west. Also search for ancestors who may have been Mormon pioneers.

What is Pioneer Day?
Why do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrate Pioneer Day and what is the purpose of Pioneer Day?

Who Were the Mormon Pioneers?
The Mormon Pioneers are a huge part of the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but who were the Mormon Pioneers? Find out how the Mormon pioneers were persecuted for their beliefs.

Mormon Pioneer Trail
The Mormon pioneers traveled along a trail west as they fled religious persecution. Learn where the Mormon pioneers traveled, how far they went, the hardships they suffered, and where they eventually settled.

First Mormon Pioneer: Joseph Smith
Who was Joseph Smith? Why was he confused about religion? Learn how Joseph Smith sought truth by praying to God, how he had a vision and received an answer, and was later called as a prophet and eventually martyred for God.

Great Mormon Pioneer Leader: Brigham Young
Learn about Brigham Young and his remarkable role in the early history of the Church, including leading the Mormon Pioneers on the great exodus West, in this profile about Brigham Young.

Poll: What Generation Pioneer Are You?
What generation of pioneer are you? Do you come from a long line of pioneers or are you and your family paving the way as pioneers for your future descendants?

Free Mormon Pioneer Pageants
There are seven free pageants held by the LDS Church each year in different locations throughout the US. Some of these pageants teach, through their theatrical performances, about the Mormon Pioneers.

Mormon Pioneers: Virtual Historian Doctrine and Covenants Review
A review of Virtual Historian: Doctrine and Covenants which is an interactive, multimedia program that contains over 100 photographs of Historical Church Locations, Mormon Pioneer biographies on everyone mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants, historical backgrounds on each section, maps, a timeline, and all the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Language of the Mormon Pioneers
This book is a dictionary of terms used during the time of the Mormon pioneers. Read this review to find out how many stars I gave this book, its pros and cons, and some examples of defined Mormon pioneer terms.

Salt Lake Temple
To the pioneers who settled the Salt Lake Valley, the temple was more than just a matter of functional design or conceptual convenience; it was a symbol of their faith and devotion to the Lord.

Mormon Pioneer: Food Storage Recipes
For a fun Family Home Evening or lesson activity try being a Mormon Pioneer by using your food storage! Here are several recipes that can help you use your food storage, including whole wheat, wheat flour, and honey. There's even a recipe for making old fashioned honey candy.

Mormon Pioneer Coloring Book: The Prayer Quilt
Several years ago my mom, Kate Myers, wrote and drew this adorable Mormon pioneer story and coloring book called "The Prayer Quilt" which was derived from the journal entries of several real Mormon pioneer girls.

Mormon Pioneer Word Search Puzzles
Search for words and phrases that relate to the early Mormon Pioneers or try the puzzle with words that describe both early and modern Mormon pioneers.

Mormon Pioneer Candy Wrappers
These cute Mormon Pioneer candy wrappers make fun handouts to help remember our wonderful Mormon Pioneer heritage! There are three wrappers, one with a girl, one with a boy, and one with both. (Scroll down to Pioneer.)

The Mormon Pioneer Story
Hosted at LDS.org this site talks about the Mormon Pioneer Trail from the Convert Immigrants, Navoo, and handcart companies to over 30 historical stops and then finally arriving in Salt Lake City.

Mormon Pioneer Day Commemoration Broadcast
Listen to this broadcast from the LDS Church that celebrates the Mormon Pioneers!

Mormon Pioneer Search
Did you have ancestors who migrated to Utah, or think you might have? Here's one resource to check. Although it is not a complete list it does have an extensive database. All searches site its source.

Heritage Gateways '97
A re-enactment of the LDS Pioneer Trail Trek of 1847. Includes journal entries from several different people, photos, a map, and more.

National Park Service Mormon Pioneer Trail
Find out how the National Park Service can help you enjoy the Mormon Pioneer Trail.

Tracing Mormon Pioneers
If you are trying to trace your pioneer heritage then this is THE site for you. Takes you through all the steps of finding your pioneer ancestors using Pioneer rosters and other tools.

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