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LDS Church Presidents

Explanation of LDS Church Prophets (called Presidents)


Jesus Christ has called prophets to lead His church in our day just like He did when he was on the earth. The first prophet (and LDS Church president) called to restore Christ's gospel in these Latter-days was Joseph Smith. To learn more about this restoration read the article, "What Do Mormons Believe?"

When the prophet dies, the senior apostle (the apostle who has been in the Quorum of Twelve Apostles for the longest) becomes the next LDS Church President. When Joseph Smith was martyred Brigham Young became the next prophet and LDS Church President. He led the saints to the Salt Lake Valley, which later became known as Salt Lake City, Utah.

When Brigham Young died, the senior Apostle was John Taylor and he became the third LDS Church President. Each new President selects two worthy men to be his counselors; together they form the First Presidency. Learn more about living prophets and apostles as well as ancient prophets.

LDS Church Presidents

1Joseph Smith1830-1844
2Brigham Young1847-1877
3John Taylor1880-1887
4Wilford Woodruff1887-1898
5Lorenzo Snow1898-1901
6Joseph F. Smith1901-1918
7Heber J. Grant1918-1945
8George Albert Smith1945-1951
9David O. McKay1951-1970
10Joseph Fielding Smith1970-1972
11Harold B. Lee1972-1973
12Spencer W. Kimball1973-1985
13Ezra Taft Benson1985-1994
14Howard W. Hunter1994-1995
15Gordon B. Hinckley1995-2008
16Thomas S. Monson 2008-present

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