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Mormon Religion Beliefs - Some Basic Beliefs of the Mormon Religion

Here you'll find a list of basic teachings of the Mormon Religion. New articles about our Mormon religion's beliefs are continually added.
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Mormon Religion 101 - Find out Basic Beliefs of the Mormon Religion
This course lists 10 teachings on Mormon Religion. These basic beliefs of the Mormon Religion are the place to start learning.

Mormon Religion: Frequently Asked Questions
Can't find what you're looking for? Check out this list of Mormon religion's Frequently Asked Questions.

Mormon Religion Glossary
Find the meaning of Mormon religion terms. Can't find the definition of a word used in the Mormon religion? Submit it.

Mormon Religion: Are Mormons Christians?
One of the most common accusations of the Mormon religion is the misconception that we are not Christians. Find out why Members of the Mormon religion are Christians and what we believe.

Mormon Religion: Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ
What is this book of the Mormon religion and where did it come from? Find out what Mormon religion teaches about the Book of Mormon, its history, translation, and doctrines.

What is a Mormon Prophet?
What is a prophet and why do we need one? Learn the purpose for God's chosen servants, what prophets teach and testify of, and the reality of living prophets.

Church Leaders of Mormon Religion
A four part explanation of the Mormon religion's church leaders. This article includes what titles are used to address members, how callings are received, and past prophets of the Mormon religion.

Mormon Religion: Faith By Works
In our Mormon religion we cannot have faith if we do nothing with our hope, we must act upon it. This article comes with three questions for examining faith in our own lives as we follow this teaching of our Mormon religion.

Mormon Religion: Faith in Jesus Christ
Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the Mormon religion. Learn what having faith in Jesus Christ means to those who practice this belief of the Mormon religion.

Mormon Religion: Food Storage
Find out why we're not to store food in the Mormon religion. Also find out what to store, where to get the money, and if we're taught in the Mormon religion to share food with others.

Mormon Religion: God, The Eternal Father
This article explains what we believe in the Mormon religion, about God and why we call him our Heavenly Father.

Mormon Religion: How to Know the Truth / How to Gain a Testimony
A testimony is when you know something is true, but how do you receive one in the Mormon religion? Follow each of these important steps to know if something is true.

Mormon Religion: Media Misuse
Mormon religion teaches that media can be used as an educational tool or as a tool of the devil. Find out more about what Mormon religion says about the media.

Mormon Religion: Modesty, More Than Just a Standard
This article teaches how the doctrine of modesty in Mormon religion shows gratitude and respect for our bodies. It also comes with a fun lesson activity and three New Era Posters that cleverly illustrate the importance of this belief of Mormon religion.

The Law of Chastity: Sexual Purity
We believe in being chaste, but what does that mean? What is sexual purity and the law of chastity? How does one stay (or become) sexually pure?

Mormon Religion: Patriarchal Blessings
Find out in Mormon religion what a Patriarchal Blessing is and how it can benefit your life.

Mormon Religion: Plan of Salvation
An overview of the Plan of Salvation of Mormon religion, including the premortal life, birth, death, the resurrection, and more. Find out what Mormon religion believe about life and death.

Mormon Religion: LDS Prayers
Prayer is a very important and vital aspect of Mormon religion because it is how we communicate with God and how he sometimes communicates with us. This article is a description of how and why Mormon religion uses prayer.

Mormon Religion: Repentance
Find out about the aspects of repentance in this article that's full of scriptures from Mormon religion.

Mormon Religion: Steps of Repentance
Find out how to repent in the Mormon religion by following each of these detailed steps.

Resurrection from Mormon Religion
An explanation of how Mormon religion shows that birth is not the beginning and death is not the end. (Also available in Spanish.)

Mormon Religion: The Reality of Satan
Find the beliefs of Satan in the Mormon religion including quotes and scriptures.

Mormon Religion: Temptations and Trials
This page explains what Mormon religion says about temptations and trials.

Mormon Religion: Trials of our Faith
Do you feel burdened with unfair trials? Then you need to learn what Mormon religion teaches about the trials of your faith.

Mormon Religion: What Do Mormons Believe?
What is the Mormon Religion and where did it come from? Find out more about the Mormon religion here.

Mormon Religion: Holy Ghost?
Learn what Mormons religion teaches about the Holy Ghost in this four part article.

Mormon Religion: Why Be Baptized? - Four Part Article
Find out in this article why Mormon religion believes in baptism, why by immersion, and why we baptize the dead.

Mormon Religion: The Family, A Proclamation to the World
From the First Presidency of the Mormon Religion this proclamation is a basic belief of families. Find out what Mormon religion believes about the Family.

Mormon Religion: The Living Christ, The Testimony of the Apostles
The Living Christ is a declaration from the First Presidency and Apostles of the Mormon Religion including their testimony of Jesus Christ.

What Mormon Religion Believes at Mormon.org
Official web site for investigators of Mormon religion. Features include information regarding Mormon religion teachings, links to free Mormon religion media, and more.

Mormon Religion: Articles of Faith
The Articles of Faith of the Mormon religion were written by Joseph Smith. Find out what they say with these 13 articles of the Mormon religion's faith.

Mormon Religion: Gospel Principles
A wonderful book of Mormon Religion's Beliefs by the LDS Church. Find out more of the teachings of the Mormon Religion through this book.

All About Mormons
Various statistics, videos, and essays written to a mixed audience of Mormons and "non-Mormons" alike.

Mormon Religion: Plan of Salvation
A visual diagram of the plan including explanatory scriptures for each area of this part of the Mormon religion. Find out some basics of what Mormons religion believes with this article.

Mormon Religion Beliefs: FAQ
By Jeff Lindsay this FAQ has a list of subjects of Mormon religion include scriptures, the Bible, LDS Doctrine, and History. Find out what Mormons religion means with these FAQs.

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